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New Changes to our All Welded Cabinet

Posted by Ed Stairman on Apr 28, 2014 8:51:36 PM


 We updated our 14 GA all welded cabinets to show additional sizes and colors . Like the BigBlue cabinet - these cabinets have a capacity in excess of 1000 pounds per shelf



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Praise From A Customer on Our School Lockers

Posted by Ed Stairman on Mar 25, 2014 2:34:00 PM

School LockersSchool Lockers are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse and we take pride in outstanding customer service.

Merchant Pay Network had a requirement for a good amount of lockers and needed delivery immediately! Steve Jacobs from Merchant Payment Network was nice enough to send us this letter. 



Carol & Ed, you guys have been a true blessing to me in having gone above & beyond in meeting and exceeding my expectations on your products and services.  You have also made me a rock star in my CEO & COO’s eyes with the pricing and customer service you’ve demonstrated thus far and I can’t thank you both enough.  Your dedication and passion to your customers is remarkable to say the least in this day and age and it is so greatly appreciated.  I look forward to working with you both again soon on our next order!



When you want praise worthy service like Mr. Jacobs experienced , please give us a call at 800-209-8798 - We are your right choice , right now..

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Free Freight For Storage Bins

Posted by Ed Stairman on Feb 2, 2014 8:13:00 PM

A Plus Warehouse is now offering free freight for many Quantum Storage Bins. Quantum Storagestorage bins has a broad line , and In cooperation with A Plus Waregouse , the free freight program will bring even more storage bins

A Plus Warehouse is your source for Quantum storage bins and plastic bins in general.

For assistance , please call us at 800-209-8798


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Portable Plastic Stairs | Oh I wish I were in Dixie

Posted by Ed Stairman on Nov 8, 2013 10:13:00 AM

The biggest name in plastic stairs is DIXIE Poly , and A Plus Warehouse is now selling the DixiePlastic Stairs Poly line of plastic stairs and drum equipment.  Dixie makes plastic stair from one to 4 step with the 4 step version having handrails.  They offer some crazy sizes as well.  The one step plastic stair comes as wide as 66 inches!


"Oh I wish I had a Dixie - hurray hurray with Dixie Stairs I make a pledge to live and climb on Dixie"

A Plus Warehouse sells warehouse ladders nationwide in metal as well as stainless and the addition of Dixie Plastic stairs rounds out the offering well.


A Plus Warehouse is your ladders source , so give us a call at 800-209-8798 with your questions - we are pleased to help!

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We stock School Lockers

Posted by Ed Stairman on Nov 7, 2013 3:07:00 PM

School Lockers buying season starts in June.  School locker buying season is when schools place their summertime orders for delivery before the fall semester.  A Plus Warehouse does a great job stocking lockers throughout the year, but come June - things get interesting.  We suggestSchool Lockers customers place their order in advance of buying season to minimize the chance of a delayed shipment , and the stress that causes everyone.

A Plus Warehouse sells school lockers by Hallowell List , Penco, Pucel , Lyons, Edsal , ASI and others as well! Our salespeople are ready to help with any request.  We have produced a very nice buyers guide which you can download for free! Consider clicking the button below and enjoying the free guide.

No job is too small at A Plus Warehouse.  Our goal is to have one more satisfied customer.

Call us at 800-209-8798 if you need help.








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Check out or newly designed fixed lid container page

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 12, 2013 8:32:00 AM

A Plus Warehouse has re-worked the flip top or fixed lid container page.fixed lid containers  These bins are used for shipping for retail.  The fixed lid containers include padlock eyes.  The padlock eyes are for added security.  One other interesting fact is that these quality Quantum Storage fixed lid containers are now on the free shipping program.  

Order 10 bins or 10,000 bins , and we will charge ZERO for dock to dock delivery! This is a limited offer , and customers are advised to act quickly before free freight goes away.

Please click on the button below for our plastic bins buyers guide.

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Don't forget wire partitions and wire partition systems

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 7, 2013 7:54:00 AM

Everyone knows A Plus Warehouse sells cabinets , locker, racks and shelving. Customers do notWire Partitions all realize that we sell wire partitions and wire partition systems as well! Wire partitions are used to add security and safety as well!  From Aasimov's IROBOT , we know that the prime directive for robots is to harm no people.  The problem is that robots don't know anything other than the task to be done.  Best to have robots caged off so people can't get between a robot and his work!

Like many other things in this society , the Government has rules we are directed to follow for our own safety.  I'm sure if the marketing wonks here at A Plus Warehouse looked hard enough , they'd find an edict insytrucing you that you must order wire partition systems or face a fine.  We prefer to appeal to logic and reason rather than Governmental decrees.  A wire partition system is a very inexpensive way to secure expensive inventory , and the keep personnel away from where they should ne be.

The attractive wire partition shown is a Jesco item.  The great thing about this image is that it is ONE model number.  With Jesco and A Plus Warehouse , no time is wasted in engineering systems.  These were all designed over 20 years ago, and we work from existing bills of materials.  The wheel has already been created - we don't need to re-invent it every time!

Give us a call at 800-209-8798 and we'll quote you the wire partition system you always wanted.

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Learn About Uniform Exchange Lockers

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 29, 2013 3:51:06 PM

A Plus Warehouse now stocks Uniform Exchange Lockers.  Uniform rental companies often offer uniform exchange lockers for free when a new contract is signed.  With the understanding thatdescribe the image there is no free lunch , customers should realize the cost involved in free uniform exchange lockers is either built into the price or contract term or both.  Customer could easily pay over $2,000 for a 'free' uniform exchange locker.

A Plus Warehouse suggests customers get quotes from their uniform companies for dry cleaning ONLY and order their uniform exchange lockers from A Plus Warehouse.  Alternatively , get the quote including free uniform lockers and see what the free lockers cost!

When ordering uniform exchange lockers , remember to order soiled uniform exchange lockers as well.  The unit shown on the right is an eight opening uniform exchange locker.  Not that the master door is key locked and individual doors can be padlockled.

A Plus Warehouse is your Uniform Exchange Lockers Source!

Call us at 800-209-8798 for help or to request a quotation





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We are A Plus Warehouse Casters

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jun 14, 2013 12:37:00 PM

We are A Plus Warehouse Casters

We are made by trusted named such as Albion, Colson,Hamilton, Fairbanks, Payson, and Triopines.

We are a favorite among A Plus Warehouse customers.

We are high quality.

Some of us have super high capacities!Heavy Duty Caster

I, the Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster have a capacity up to 6 tons.

I am the BEST heavy duty caster.

My differential action allows for easier swivel motion.

We, the A Plus Warehouse Casters, also come with lower capacities.

I am a Light Duty Caster
I am affortable
I am still good quality - rugged caster for everyday use



We are Casters!

We are Casters!

We all may come in different shapes and sizes,

But we are one family!

The A Plus Warehouse Caster family!



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The top ten roller conveyors

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jun 13, 2013 4:28:00 PM

1-Mini Roller Conveyor

This fun Conveyor is always in stock at A Plus Warehouse! They have a roller diameter of .75 inches which is the smallest standard roller manufacrued in the country!

2- Extra Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor

This number has a capacity of 700 pounds per roller. This is equal to 8,000 pounds supported by the 5 foot center! With this product we suggest the 300 pound capacity conveyor supports.

3- Super Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor

If you thought number 2 was heavy you havnt seen anything yet. This has a whopping capacity of 1,100 pounds per roller! That is equal to 18,000 pounds for a 10 foot section which is suppored by three supports.

4- Medium Duty Accordion Style Expanable Roller ConveyorsExpandable Conveyors

This one looks nice thats for sure. This conveyor is shown on the picture to the right. The capacity is 200 pounds per foot. It also includes a box stop so boxes don't fall off!

5- Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor

Ideal for food equipment and other wash-down operations!  And to be safe this is U.S.D.A approved!


6- Light Duty Roller Conveyors

This is your ideal conveyor for irregularly shaped or open bottom items. Rollers have 1 3/8 inch diameter. It is also long lasting!


7-Maximum Capacity  Roller Conveyor

This is EXTREMELY heavy duty with a capacity of 2,500 pounds PER ROLLER!! Frame capacity is 16,00o pounds at a 5 foot center support.

8-1.9 inch Diameter PVC Roller Conveyors

this is great for handling glass with non marring rollers. It has a 100 pound roller capacity which is 2,000 pounds over 5 foot support. It is available from 3 inch to 12 inch roller center.

9-Extra Heavy Duty Expanable Conveyor

This is another nice looking conveyor! The capacity is 300 pounds per foot of conveyor.


10-Medium Duty Roller Conveyor

A 3,200pound cap on a 5 foot center! Nothing wrong with that. Conveyor stands are also optional on this.

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When I say cabi you say net cabi net cabinet!

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jun 13, 2013 3:39:00 PM

When I say cabi you say net - cabi net cabinet

Whose the Best ? - A Plus WarehouseCOLORS

Whose the Best ? -A Plus Warehouse

What do we love ? - cabinets

Say What? - cabinets

Got our amazing Big Blue- B to the I to the G to Blue go Big Blue!

What is Big Blue?- Its Hight capacity, high quality, and high attractiveness!

Blue Storage Cabinets?!- Heck Yes!

Blue Storage Cabinets?!- Heck Yes!

More than that? Yes! Yes!

We got White!- WHITE W-H-I-T-E White!

We got Dark Blue!- DARK BLUE D-A-R-K Dark Blue!

We got Light Blue!- LIGHT BLUE L-I-G-H-T Light Blue!

We got Orange!- ORANGE O-R-A-N-G-E Orange!

We got Beige!- BEIGE B-E-I-G-E Beige!

We got Putty!- PUTTY P-U-T-T-Y Putty!

We got Yellow!-YELLOW Y-E-L-L-O-W Yellow!

We got Dark Green!- DARK GREEN D-A-R-K Dark Green!

We got Vista Green!- VISTA GREEN V-I-S-T-A Vista Green!

We got Black!-BLACK B-L-A-C-K Black!

We got Dark Brown!- DARK BROWN D-A-R-K Dark Brown!

We got Red!- RED R-E-D Red!

We got Grey!- GREY- G-R-E-Y Grey!

As you see

from this cheer

we got the rainbow!

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Almost time for Materials Handling month-- formerly known as July

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jun 12, 2013 9:13:00 AM

It seems like every month seems to have its shtick ... for example we got  Februarys Black History Month, Aprils National Poetry Month, May's Jewish American Heritage Month( yes thats a legit thing go jews!) and this month LGBTQQA Pride -formally known as June. For those of you confused by large acronyms this LGBTQQA stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender,Queer,Questioning, and Allied. Anywho.. considering that every month seems to have a theme A Plus Warehouse says that this coming July is officially Materials Handling month! So tell all of your friends!ROCKET

And because it is Materials Handling Month this July customers must buy Materials Handling equipment from A Plus Warehouse. Here at A Plus WArehosue we stock Materials Handling and Storage Equipment nationwide offering you the absolute BEST delivery times and a great value as well! Our customers love us and so will you! So in honor of Materials Handling Month please consider checking us out. We are fun people.... and I promise most of us dont bite. Friendly, helpful, knowledgable sales people guaranteed everytime. We DA best. So dont be shy order now.

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You want It, We got It- Storage Lockers

Posted by Ed Stairman on Jun 12, 2013 8:30:00 AM

For those of you readers that dont know A Plus Warehouse sells Storage Lockers(duh).  Yes you heard it right we have Storage Lockers for Sale  right here right now! Now we do having many popular lockers to choose from so dont worry about that. Tons of Options! One popular line of lockers that we sell is the 16 Person See Through Locker. The color comes in one color - Beige.16 person see through locker So I truely hope you like Beige... I do!  A picture of this locker is shown on the right. See Through Lockers are great for extra security. Make sure all your workers are not smuggling in any banned items. It will be pretty hard to hide those type of items in a see through locker! Whats other lockers storage lockers for sale you ask? Well we got your answer! We got Digitech Access Lockers! Single Tier, Double Tier, Tripple Tier, and Six Tier. These lockers are perfect for your wonderful day at the ammusement park! The digitalElectronic Lockers are shown to the left. The Lock is programed by the user... no need to hold a key! We highly suggest however that 1234 is not a very good lock code! These lockers also include a hat shelf and a double propng cieling hook and two single hooks. This is also in stock for immediate delivery. As you see with so many great storage lockers for sale its no wonder our customers love us!

For more information please click the link below


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A sorry sad attempt at a poem about lockers

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jun 11, 2013 5:15:00 PM

If you love soccer, be a rocker, and order a locker.

Lockers here are dang cool!, so dont be a fool, get a locker and you will rule!

We got our famous Slope Master Lockers! Better get those ones faster! did you know we also sell casters?

Our Slope Masters- like everything else here- is quick ship! So we give our tip of the hat and we think its pretty hip that items at A Plus Warehouse are so quick to ship

If you think that was the only type of lockers we had no not at all, just ask our sales assistant Paul when it comes to the kind of locker you want it is really your call.Wood Locker

We got your lockers for kids. its an original as well!, we always did, just ask my grandfather Sid

I personally like our wood lockers.  And I mean really if you could buy amzing lockers like these you really should!

Wood lockers are the pretty. Yo Boston, New York you need these in your city! and yes I know this poem is kinda witty

So we got our stainles steel lockers! they are a great deal! And geez this poem is coming to an end it really is a fail!

TImes comes when I realize that this rhyme is done and yes I know it isnt perfect but please dont throw me a lime!








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Get rolling with rolling ladders

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jun 11, 2013 8:41:00 AM

Rolling Ladders for Sale at  A Plus Warehouse. You heard it first.  My personal favorite has to be our Industrial Rolling Ladders Freight Saver Design! We got them two ways... 16 inch steps or 24 inch steps... which ever rocks your boat!Industrial Rolling Ladders This is shown in the image to the right.  These rolling ladders are heavy duty... a hefty 450 pound capacity!  .This is due to the the 1 inch tubing design. Fun fact... this ladder is available in 3 colors... yes there is more than classic grey! Blue, Grey, and Black. As Ed Stairman, the owner of A Plus Warehouse states Industrial Rolling Ladders Freight Saver Design line is the KING of rolling ladders... loved by the masses!( haha isnt that so funny?)! In all seriousnes however, these ladders are fanominal. It confirms with ANSI and also CAL OSHA... for our California customers! Deep top step models are shipped skidded at no extra cost as well. They are also easy to operate with a lock step for safety. Expanded metal is also great for wet applications and grip strut for most slippery applications!  Perforated stairs are the most economical but we also offer three other styles. And dont forget the hand rails! Great for safety and these units have modular replaceable hand rails. Buy your rolling ladders on sale today!

Feel free to share this post and please click the link below for more information!

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Store your belongings and save the world!- a storage bin story

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jun 10, 2013 9:11:00 AM

Storage Bins -a necessity for any corperation.  We always need places togoing green store our belongings. So are your looking for a Storage Bin? Look no further! We have Storage Bins for Sale!  We have many different options but my personal favorite are the Quantum Recycled Storage Bins. Why you ask?.... because  you get storage space and save the world. What could be better? These storage bins for sale are a great value as well.  Made with 100% recycled material these bins are both cheap and revolutionary. With all the pollution isnt it nice to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem! That is why A Plus Warehouse supports a greener life style. We have the Recycled Shelf Bin and Recycled Stacking Bins.  This is shown in the picture above. Long story short Storage Bins for Sale..... buy some.... buy Quantum Recycled Storage Bins......Save the World!

Please feel free to interact and share this post.

Enjoy the expertly produced video and click on the button for more information

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New Sizes Of Rivet Shelving Now Available

Posted by Ed Stairman on May 30, 2013 10:35:00 AM

It has been a long time coming , but we finally added 60 inch width doubleRivet Shelving rivet shelving to our ever popular rivet shelving page.  While adding these items , we also added some heavy duty chanel beams to offer some heavier duty shelving units as well

Other things added to this page:

  • Color Option : Gray and now Tan also
  • Offering post ties to join posts together
  • Wall ties for added support
  • Mobility - Dollies available for some sizes (48x24 and 60 x 24) - convert a shelving unit into a warehouse cart
  • Free shipping over $5,000 dock to dock

We are excited about our bulk racks

and look forward to helping.  If you need any help , feel free to call us at 800-209-8798.  If you have any pictures or videos of our equipment in action , we'd be pleased to use that content in a blog post.

Feel free to interact

Enjoy the video


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Now Offering Outdoor Dock Lifts

Posted by Ed Stairman on May 13, 2013 12:38:00 PM

Southworth Dock LiftWe have been selling dock lifts from the day A Plus Warehouse opened our doors in 1996.  We have quite a large installed base!  We had never offered a dock lift more optimally designed for ourdoor use.  The Southworth outdoor dock lift was recenlty added to our line up , and has either 5000 or 6000 pound capacity and has a base and legs that are hot dip galvanized!

History shows us that the base rusts first , so for a nominal extra charge , customers can get a longer product life.  The Outdoor dock lift is standard with hot dipped galvanized base!  Our competitors may offer this as an option , but A Plus Warehouse makes it easy by showing the product and offering a PUBLISHED price.

Give us a call if you have any questions at 800-209-8798

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Record Storage Racks Made EASY

Posted by Ed Stairman on May 10, 2013 8:13:00 AM

We finally did it!!

The universe is full of companies that make customers order particle board decking when ordering record storage racks - but not us! A Plus Warehouse now offers record storage racksRecord Storage Rack INCLUDING the decking and also the boxes if required.  Now instead of ordering 3 components to make a unit , customers just order one model number.

The attractive unit shown on the right is a stand alone 'starter' unit.  When customers need a continuous run of racks , we suggest ordering adders , and save intermediate posts! Our newly designed record storage rack page shows starters and adders as well!

We always try to make the ordering process as simple as possibile here at A Plus Warehouse.  Customers have counted on us for storage cabinets since 1996 , and we are now the leader in record storage shelving as well!

Please check out our bulk rack video , and click on the button below to download further information.

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We are the right source , right now 800-209-8798


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Announcing New Changes To Our Stock Picking Ladders Offering

Posted by Ed Stairman on Apr 5, 2013 11:40:00 AM

Our friends at Ballymore are back at it!  These guys neverstock picking ladder sleep when it comes to ladder innovation.  The ever popular Ballymore stock picking ladder is now being offered in the traditional 24 inch tread width AND the narrow aisle 16 inch tread width version! Ballymore and A Plus Warehouse are of the same opinion -

it doesn't matter that 85 percent of all customers prefer the 24 inch wide treads , the other 15 percent of customers deserve attention to their requirements.  Customers needing narrow aisle stock picking ladders neeed look no further than our user friendly website. We offer this fine rolling ladder with a vaiety of treads - Grip strut is the best for slippery environments while good old perforated is inexpensive and durable.  Call A Plus Warehouse at 800-209-8798 with any questions about Ladders , Access Equipment , or the meaning of life. We welcome your comments , especially if you had interaction with our awesome sales staff and want to spread the word!

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Check Out Our BigBlue Work Benches in Action

Posted by Ed Stairman on Apr 4, 2013 10:13:00 AM

The BigBlue work benches shown on our site are very popular , but it is nice to show our products in action!  TMS Racing has purchased a good number of BigBlue work benches for their operation

The image below shows there quality benches.  Although the standard BigBlue color arrangement is Dark blue with Red shelves , TMS Racing went with Light Blue - which was clearly a great decision for their work shop.

If you need work benches , call the expersts like TMS Racing did!



Work Benches

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Now offering Free Shipping For Many Quantum Plastic Storage Bins

Posted by Ed Stairman on Mar 27, 2013 8:21:00 AM

Quantum Plastic Storage Bins are always in great demand, and there is a newQuantum Plastic Storage Bins program in place that will make things even more lively!  A Plus Warehouse and Quantum storage got together to work out a FREE Freight program!  The free freight program applies to most Quantum plastic bins and storage bins.  Free freight applies to dock to dock deliveries in the lower 48 states only.  Canadian orders, and orders requiring residential delivery and other accessorial charges are not covered.

This is an amazing deal - givn that plastics are so expensive to ship.  The free freight program is a bit of a loss leader.  A Plus Warehouse pulls in customers with the great value on Quantum Bins and then hopes to bring customers to our other quality materials handling lines.  This is a win win win win situtation.

(1) Customer Wins - Free freight - you can't beat that with a stick

(2) A Plus Warehouse wins - Free freight - what better way to produce customer loyalty

(3) Quantum Storage Wins - In Quantum's eyes , the world gets better only when more of their bins are in use

(4) The Uncle Wins - More sales = more income = more taxes !

A Plus Warehouse is truely your quantum bins source - make sure to ask about free freight!Rack Bins

One other interesting thing..

Quantum has extended this offering to include their 22 GA industrial shelving and bin shelving as well!








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Learn About Plastic Storage Bins

Posted by Ed Stairman on Mar 13, 2013 8:55:00 AM

Plastic Storage Bins are in stock at A Plus Warehouse and are a very hot product category.Plastic Storage Bins

The plastic storage bins shown on the right are the ever popular Quantum QUS series.  These bins can stack several high and can also be hooked on louvers.  A Plus Warehouse bin cabinets utilize Quantum plastic storage bins or the bins provided by Akro Mils , Lewis Bins, or another of our great plastic storage bins manufacturers.

Although these smaller stacking bins are quite popular , customers also need to store bulky items as well.  That is why we sell extra large plastic bins as well.  As you can easily see on the picture to the right , an entire skid width can be taken up with onlyLarge Plastic Bins two giant bins!

The item displayed is a Quantum Bin.  For those customers that are partial to Akro Mils , A Plus Warehouse also sells the super sized Akro Bins as well.

Other plastic storage bins include:

  • Recycled Bins
  • Shelf Bins
  • See Through Bins
  • Shipping Bins
  • Straight Wall Containets
  • Shelving With Bins
If you have any plastic storage bins questions , call your friends here at A Plus Warehouse at 800-209-8798
Click on the following image to download our buyers guide - We have also produced a KICKIN' plastic storage bins video.
Feel free to comment as always..
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Free Shipping For Garage Cabinets

Posted by Ed Stairman on Feb 25, 2013 2:18:00 PM

Garage Cabinets are one of the few lines A Plus Warehouse carries that is forgarage cabinets consumers.  Consumers are typically cost conscious , so we have offered a free freight program including residential delivery! In fact , when customers order Ulti-Mate Garage Cabinets from A Plus Warehouse - they get free delivery staright to their garages anywhere in the lower 48 states!

Garage cabinets are sold individually , or in a suite arrangement. The arrangement on the right is a suite of garage cabinets. Ulti-Mate Garage cabinets are shipped RTA - ready to assemble.  For customers that prefer fully assembled storage cabinets - A Plus Warehouse has a fine offering as well! The traditional storage cabinets DO NOT have a free freight offer - just the Ulti-Mate garage cabinets.

Customers are encouraged to call 800-209-8798 with any questions.

Please enjoy the video and consider downloading the product buyers guide

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Steel Storage Cabinets | Gage your Gauge

Posted by Ed Stairman on Jan 29, 2013 12:08:00 PM

When customers consider ordering steel storage cabinets , the first thingsteel storage cabinets many dealers start talking about is the metal storage cabinets gauge.

Gauge is simply a measure of steel thickness.  To make it confusing , the lower the gauge , the thicker the steel.  The Bigblue steel storage cabinet shown on the right is a 14 and 16 gauge cabinet.  This metal storage cabinet is fine for most industrial applications.

The heaviest duty production storage cabinet on the market is a 12 gauge cabinet.  Our KingCab line is in stock for immediate delivery! Hallowell, Lyons,Pucel, Durham, and Jamco all produce 12 Gauge storage cabinets as well.  Each of the previously mentioned manufacturers are certified A Plus Warehouse quality partners!

There is a wealth of products available in the market , but we at A Plus Warehouse try to make the process very simple.  Our trained sales people can help with any question you may have.

For additional information , please download the free buyers guide! Also , please enjoy the professional video we put together.

As always feel free to shar this blog post and make comments!

Thank you!

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Lockers For Sale | You Need 'em we got 'em

Posted by Ed Stairman on Jan 22, 2013 11:45:00 AM

Is your firm looking for lockers for sale ? If so , you have found the right Lockers For Salewebsite! We have lockers for sale throughout the USA and ship everywhere! There are several lock lines we carry , and it makes some sense to mention them in this blogpost.

The locker shown on the right is a very peculiar item.  A 16 person locker has 2 6 tier openings separated by a 4 opening horizontal bridge piece with a coat rod.  Our friends at Tennsco realized that if they make the bridge piece only 3 openings wide , customers with a smaller wall would still be able to order - thus , the Tennsco 15 Person Locker ! Those guys in Tennessee never stop thinking!

Other interesting lockers for sale include the lockmaster lockers.  Lock master lockers are provided with built in combination or key locks.  With lockmaster lockers, customers don't need to go through the bother of picking the proper lock - A Plus Warehouse does that in advance!

Of course for our extra large Rhino Locker is excellent for customers that want a locker with a 4 or 6 square foot cross section!

The video below shows a Rhino Locker in action!

Please share this post , and click on the button below to download and see our various lockers for sale




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Safety Cabinets | How To Choose

Posted by Ed Stairman on Jan 17, 2013 2:58:00 PM

Safety CabinetsSafety CabinetsHow should a customer order safety cabinets ?  This is the question that I'll answer in this blog post.  First of all , what exactly is a safety cabinet as opposed to a storage cabinet ?

Simply put , a safety cabinet is a specific type of storage cabinet.  Storage cabinets are used to store items ( obviously ).  A safety cabinet is usually a flammable liquids cabinet , storing flammable or other hazardous chemicals.

Most all of the safety cabinets we sell meet OSHA, NIOSH and are FM approved.  The cabinet on the right is a self closing FM approved safety cabinet.  Safety cabinets are color colded so fire people understand what is happening within a fire.  Red is typically for paints while blue is for acids and green is for pesticides.  Flammable liquids cabinets all have specialty double wall doors with air insulation.

Customers need to choose between manual and self closing doors.  We always suggest self closing doors.  Self closing is a small upcharge , but can be a life saving feature.  If a fire starts in a cabinet when no workers are present , a manually closing safety would not contain the fire.  A self closing safety cabinet would close and perhaps extinguish the fire.

A Plus Warehouse distributes quality safety cabinets by Justritr , Securall, Jamco and Stronghold as well.  Feel free to call 800-209-8798 with any questions.

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Guns protect people cars kill people. Support car control

Posted by Ed Stairman on Jan 10, 2013 3:50:00 PM

Hello Kitty AR-15This is not the typical A Plus Warehouse blogpost.  Typically I spend time talking about the amazing products we sell , but this time I'm talking about guns.  Here in USA , our rights are backed up by our ability to defend them.  Gun rights = self defense rights.  The second ammendment is not for hunting , it is for defense !

To give credit where it is due , this Hello Kitty Rifle comes from an interesting website.

We have the right to self defense , and you have the opportunity to buy the best industrial shelving on the planet.

God bless America and law abiding gun owners!


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Why Eureka,Oregon Needs Our Heavy Duty Conveyor

Posted by Ed Stairman on Jan 9, 2013 2:41:00 PM

Sherrif CarterYour humble webmaster is responsible to create the buzz that moves heavy duty conveyor equipment.  The company has given me great lattitude in doing so.  In that spirit , I can inform y'all that I am a major fan of the Eureka television program.  I just became aware of that treasure a few months ago from Netflix.

Just look at Sherrif Carter on the right.  That is one serious dude.  When General Dynamics needs to move a positron beam splitter into the laser lab , do you really think they'd move it by hand?

The A Plus Warehouse Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor by Roach Conveyors cam handle a madssive 7,500# in a 10 foot section with individual roller capacity of 540# per roller.  This is adequate for a positron beam even without the boson field generator!

The science of a conveyor application does not require vector calculus or even finite element analysis.  In fact , conveyor science is handled perfectly by your humble sales staff here at A Plus Warehouse.  We no Phd's on staff, but that is ok. We do not need to know relativistic time dilation formulae in order to provide a kickin conveyor!

Roller Conveyors


Feel free to download our buyers guide and also enjoy the video.  If you appreciated this tounge in cheek blogpost , feel free to spread it about.  Finally , do yourselves a favor and watch the Sci Fi show 'Eureka' .  It has the science of Star Trek, but has more fun than Kirk's closing discussion with Bones and Spock.

I almost forgot...

Also , please order some conveyors from us!

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The Storage Bins Bonanza is On!

Posted by Ed Stairman on Jan 7, 2013 10:03:00 AM

Look out! The storage bins bonanza is on!  Customers know that A Plus Warehouse sells the best from Akro , Quantum , Lewis, Schaeffer , and other awesome storage bins lines, but we now storage binshave a secret weapon as well! For Jabuary and February 2013 , A Plus Warehouse is ovverinf a 20% shipping charge subject to an absolute $25 minimum for dock to dock delivery of storage bins in the lower 48 states!

We are attempting to raise some excitement on already popular items here! Buy all you want , we'll make more!

How can we talk about storage bins without mentioning the Grandpa of all storage bins - behold , the Akro Bin! The stackable storage bins shown on the right started it all! Other interesting storage bins include:

  • Clearview - See through bins
  • Rack Bins - Pallet sized hopper bins
  • Magnum Bins - Bins slightly larger than standard stacking bins
  • 6 inch shelf bins - 50 percent taller than traditional 4 inch shelf bins
  • Plexton Bins - Plexiglass bins by Lewis - AWESOME capacity , autoclavable at about a million degrees.( give or take a few hundered thousand )
  • Ready Space Bin Carts - see through insight bins integrated onto a fantastic materials handling cart.  Hospitals love 'em

Feel free to call us at 800-209-8798  - or enjoy the video - or download the buyers guide , or even post a link to this blogpost if you find the information included life changing.  As always , A Plus Warehouse responds to all comments - good and bad.


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Why Get A Metal Storage Cabinet

Posted by Ed Stairman on Jan 4, 2013 11:06:00 AM



There are many reasons to order a metal storage cabinet at A PlusMetal Storage Cabinet Warehouse , and I'd like to review some of them in this blog post.  I will also describe some of the more popular storage cabinets at A Plus Warehouse as well.

Let's start off with the metal storage cabinet shown on the right.  The BigBlue Extra Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet . This amazing new cabinet is based on the ever popular BigBlue line (the line made popular not only by it's great workmanship , but also the two tone color scheme) but is constructed of 12 Gauge steel.  Customers that want to store literally one ton per shelf can do so using a BigBlue HD storage cabinet.



The image below the HD version is the traditional two tone BigBlue storage cabinet.  This family of American made product has been very popular with our customers over the years!

When looking for a metal storage cabinet , customers should consider the followingmetal storage cabinet issues..

  • Capacity
  • Assembled of KD
  • Configuration
  • Color Options
In terms of capacity , the 12 Gauge storage cabinets have the maximum rating.  Capacity declines with increasing gauge , so a 22 gauge storage cabinet will have quite a bit less capacity than a 14 Gauge BigBlue storage cabinet.  
Tennsco, Penco, Hallowell, and Lyons all offer KD ( unassembled) storage cabinets as well as set up cabinets.  If you request a quotation from your A Plus Warehouse sales person , you can easily compare total cost of KD versus assembled. KD can be less expensive - but assembly does take some labor.
Here is a list of popular configurations..
  • Storage - Full Width Shelves
  • Wardrobe - One shelf with a coat rod underneath
  • Combination - A combination of the two - half width shelves with one full width shelf and a hald width coat rod under the full width shelf
A Plus Warehouse sales people are metal storage cabinet geniuses , so please give them a call at 800-209-8798
In the mean time ..
Also , enjoy our metal storage cabinets video!
As always , feel free to share and comment on this post - and please , no nasty comments on our spokesmodel - come on , she is a mom!
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Wall Cabinets | Get Your Back Up Off The Wall

Posted by Ed Stairman on Dec 17, 2012 9:05:00 AM

Wall Cabinets are the often ignored step sister if industrial storage cabinets. Wall Cabinets Wall cabinets are dainty little storage units measuring less than 2 feet deep and really short and narrow.  Not much fits into a wall cabinet versus the amazing capacity of a BigBlue cabinet that can be 72 inches wide x 36 unches seep and 78 inches high - with capacity over 1000 pounds per shelf.

If you look to the right you will see some of our more popular wall cabinets. Although they are small , they serve a real purpose! The wall behing a work bench is typically lost space.  Think of all the lost storage in a facility with 50 work benches! By utilizing wall cabinets , customers can store basic work area supplies worry free right at a work station without crowding the work area!

Remember that your friends at A Plus Warehouse supply wall cabinets as well as storage cabinets , so whatever the requirement , we have the source.  Wall cabinets are items used to supplement the heavy lifting done by industrial storage cabinets - but when 50 work areas are involved , the total effect of wall cabinets can no longer be ignored.

If you'd like additional information on wall cabinets ot other storage equipment , please click on the button below.

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Go Big With BigBlue Storage Cabinets

Posted by Ed Stairman on Dec 10, 2012 8:30:00 AM

Many dealers sell industrial gray storage cabinets - and for many years , this BigBlue Storage Cabinetswas A Plus Warehouses' modus operandi. However , we recently came up with a great new aesthetic design that has taken the materials handling world by storm - the BigBlue stoage cabinet!

There are a few things to note about famous BigBlue storage cabinets line.

  • Made In America !
  • Available in a veritable rainbow of colors - but check out the Dark Blue with Red Accent!
  • Customizable with casters or even perforated doors and / or sides
  • Heavy duty 14 / 16 GA construction
  • Spoiler alert -- We will be launching a BigBlue Heavy duty storage cabinet with 12 GA design! Coming your way in 2013
  • Availab le with bins / drawers / or shelves!

The BigBlue has proven to be a great line for A Plus Warehouse, and we suggest customers consider this fine cabinet for their storage needs!

Please click on the button below for our buyers guide - also , enjoy the product video.

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Plastic Storage Bins | Meet Aqua Lew - The New Super Hero

Posted by Ed Stairman on Nov 26, 2012 9:51:00 AM

Who is Aqua Lew and what does he have to do with plastic storage bins? An industrial distributor is only as good as the lines that industrial disctributor sells.  A Plus Warehouse has a fantastic product offering , and the plastic storPlastic Storage Binsage bins we carry are prodominantly manufactured by Quantum Plastics , Akro Mils , and Lewis Bins.  Put the three together , and you get our newest super hero - Aqua Lew.  Aqua Lew fights warehouse disorganization one plastic bin at a time !

The Aqua Lew bins shown on the right are basic stacking bins.  These bins are found almost everywhere - in bin cabinets , work benches and shelving as well.

Each manufacturer has his own specialty , and A Plus Warehouse is very proud and pleased to carry all three lines.  Here is an overview.

Akro Mils - The grand daddy if plastic storage bins manufacturers.  To this day , people request Akro Bins without even knowing that Akro is a brand name. ( kinda the Kleenex (tm) of plastic storage bins )

Quantum Plastics - A division of (not to be confused with M&M Mars ) , Quantum produces shelf bins , stacking bins , esd bins, and a broad line of imported storage equipment as well.

Lewis Bins - Included in the Lewis Bins line are the ever popular Plexton Bins as well as some seriously heavy duty fiberglass bins.  When customers need to use an autoclave to keep plastic storage bins sanitary , Lewis Bins is a fine choice. The other 2/3 of our bins suoer hero will also do perfectly well in an autoclave.

Did you notice that autoclave sounds a bit like batcave? Curious..

An autoclave is a fancy oven that heats equipment to a level that germs are killed.  Carrie did a nice blogpost on Autoclavable plastic bins  not long ago.

Please download our plastic storage bins buyers guide for additional information.

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ALSO... The plastic bins video is most excellent,


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Lynx Pallet Racks Now In Stock | Life will never be the same

Posted by Ed Stairman on Nov 15, 2012 2:52:00 PM

A Plus Warehose is now offering shipments of Lynx Pallet Racks from stock! Lynx Pallet Rack by Wireway HuskyLynx Racks are Penco compatibile and have a very nice double slotted upright design.  The stock commitment includes 46 and 42 inch deep racks.

Customers appreciate how well the beams fit into the uprights AND the fact that they don't need to be patient when ordering. Even a $30,000 order for Lynx Racks will ship within two days!

As a side note , please be aware that the bam capacity is pretty amazing for Lynx racks! A 96 inch beam has a maximum capacity of 8,701 pounds per pair.  Considering a 96 inch beam is the correct length to allow two normally sized pallets to be stored , it is easy to see that pallets weighing as much as 4000# can be stored on this beam! A Plus Warehouse Lynx racks have great capacity.  For those customers that need even more capacity , we still offer structural racks! You really can't exceed the capacity on a 5 inch structural element!

Please download our pallet racking guide , and enjoy the video as well!

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Storage Bins | Why You Love Them and Where To Get Them

Posted by Ed Stairman on Nov 8, 2012 8:33:00 AM

Storage Bins are necessary in any business! They keep work areas organized and factories Storage Bins With Shelvingproductive.  Have you ever seen smaller stores stock their shelves? Invariably , inventory comes to the store in flip top containers like those made by Akro , Lewis and Quantum.

When customers are looking for storage bins , they are sometimes looking for shelving at the same time! A Plus Warehouse now provides storage bins pre configured with shelving.  This makes the ordering process simple for our busy customers!

The image shown on the right are rack bins shown with shelving.  Pay attention to the Rackbins with double depth wire shelving . This unique design is an A Plus Warehouse esxclusive! When storing loose items on a pallet rack or bulk rack , imagine how convenient it will be to store everything in a rack depth sized storage bin!

I'd be remiss if I didn't bring your attention to the Akro Bin - the king of the storage bins Akro Binempire!

The Akro stacking bins come in a range of sizes and colors.  Other great brands we carry include Quantum and Lewis Bins.  Lewis manufactures some ultra rugged stacking bins that are autoclavable at enourmous temperatures! Don't worry about the term 'autoclavable' if you need to know , you already do! ( PS: It means you can sanitize the bins under ectreme heat - germs don't do too well over 170 degrees )

A Plus Warehouse is your storage bins source - please check us out.

Feel free to download the buyers guide - all yours for the price of $0 -- and enjoy our professionally produced video!

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Pallet Racking | What it is and where to buy it

Posted by Ed Stairman on Nov 7, 2012 9:35:00 AM

New Pallet Racking is always in stock at A Plus Warehouse and ready to shipPallet Racks nationwide.  But what exactly is pallet racking , and why do customers need this equipment? This blog post should serve to clear away any mis-conceptions about pallet racking.  The thing to know about pallet racking is that they are intended for loading and unloading with powered equipment.

Customers utilizinf forklifts should consider pallet racking , and rack post guards! Rack post guards protect the pallet racking from damages.

For maximum capacity , we suggest our structural pallet racks - while standard duty pallet racking is out tear drop roll formed product.  A Plus Warehouse sells pallet racking by Wireway Husky as well as Penco , Lyons and others as well!  Your A Plus Warehouse salespeople are experts in all matters of storage and handling equipment , so give them a try!

Feel free to download the buyers guide , and please enjoy the video we lovingly put together for your edification!

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Announcing Yet Another NEW Work Bench

Posted by Ed Stairman on Nov 1, 2012 10:43:00 AM

We are Thrilled to announce the NEW Black Tie Work Bench.  The Black Tie is a new entry to ourBlack Tie Work Bench industrial work benches  line up and comes from a most interesting inspiration. A Plus Warehouse has been selling battleship gray for ever - and of course gray is quite popular still.  We then introduced the amazingly popular BigBlue , and color was introduced to the work benches world!

Anyway , your humble blogmaster was strolling down Gay Street in SOHO , NYC and I saw the most Amaaazing looking workbench.  The bench was the darkest black , and has a real nice feel to it.  I asked to shop owner where he acquired the bench to fine he purchased a basic industrial bench and painted it.

A Plus Warehouse is all about convenience , and we were able to partner with one of one EXCELLENT manugacturers , and bring an industrial black work bench to market.  Thus the birth of the Black Tie Bench!

To make matters even easier , we provide Black Tie benches as complete packages - no need to order a bunch of components - one model number gets you the complete bench.  Of course we will offer basic strip down benches as well!

I can't overstate how thrilled A Plus Warehouse is to offer this new Black Bench!

To download our work bench guide , please click on the button below , and if you want to see the BEAUTIFUL spokesmodel , Julie hanging out on another of our work benches , enjoy the video link below.  We paid a lot for it , so please enjoy it!

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Storage Cabinets With Doors | Doors Add Security

Posted by Ed Stairman on Oct 31, 2012 10:01:00 AM

Are you aware that A Plus Warehouse sells storage cabinets with doors ? Storage Cabinet With DoorsStorage cabinets without doors are actually shelving units with enclosure panels.  If you want closed shelving , we can certainly help.

The storage cabinet with doors shown is a high quality made in USA Tennsco cabinet.  Tennsco is a great line for A Plus Warehouse - we also sell fine products by Penco, Lyons, Hallowell, Edsal, Sandusky , Parent Metal as well as Pucel and Stronghold.

When ordering a storage cabinet with doors , you should consider getting a cabinet with bins in the door as well.  BigBlue make a very nice bin cabinet

I'd like to spend a few sentences explaining the range of storage cabinets available:

  1. Storage Cabinets - These have full width shelves
  2. Wardrobe cabinets - These are for storing clothes - they have one full with shelf and a coat rod underneath
  3. Combination Cabinets - a combination of 1 and 2
  4. stainless steel cabinets - great for food service or high tech environments
  5. KingCab 12 Gauge storage cabinets - When you want MEGA capacity ( and have mega bucks - jk )

A Plus Warehouse is your cabinets source.

Please download our buyers guide by clicking below - and enjoy the video!

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The Walking Dead Need Lockers - Find Out Why

Posted by Ed Stairman on Oct 29, 2012 8:53:00 AM

Don't you wish dead people would just stay in the ground already? Jeez, they wake up hungry and don't seem to want McDonalds. What is wrong with the dead now?Walking Dead Lockers

As you can see , Rick is having a good old time with a more domesticated walker , but he really needs to consider what type of lockers the living may need to defend themselves from the very hungry dead.

Shaine is a tough hombre , so he chooses the KingCab 12 gauge heavy duty locker . This unit can hold thousands of rounds of ammo EASILY with shelf capacity over 750 pounds!

Dale is more of a tools and parts guy , so he'd probably choose a giant bin cabinet - with plenty of individual storage places. Rick would choose the Valumaster Lockers mostlt because Valumaster is the safe choice ( although he is getting riskier..)

Lori - well , she likes the Kingcab while with the Kingcab , but is quite fond of the Valumaster when with the Valumaster.  These lockers have always been friends , so I hope the triangle works itself out well.

This blog post obviously is a tribute to The Walking Dead , one of the best shows this humble blogmaster has ever seen on television. ( Right up there with Jericho , Dead Like Me , and Eureka )

Watch The Walking Dead , and order lockers from A Plus Warehouse

Call click or email , and we'll serve up great lockers!

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Heavy Duty Casters | Get yours at A Plus Warehouse

Posted by Ed Stairman on Oct 22, 2012 11:19:00 AM

A Plus Warehouse is your Heavy Duty Casters source! Heavy duty casters areHeavy Duty Caster used in industry and tend to handle over 300 pounds capacity per unit.  Although A Plus Warehouse provides a great variety of medium and light duty casters , we tend to focus on the industrial end of things.

The heavy duty caster shown on the right is a 2,000 pound capacity TrioPines caster.  TrioPines is a great line , offering light duty casters all the way to giant industrial heavy duty casters - and mostly in stock!  TripPines is a brand customers have grown to count on.  They are a Korean product , so some customers are obligated to utilize other American casters A Plus Warehouse sells.

Our American Casters CAN'T be beat for quality and overall value.

Payson Casters are made in Illinois - 100 percent. Many American caster companies actually manufacture over seas - not Payson.  For American made heavy duty casters - we suggest customers request Payson casters by name.

The salespeople at A Plus Warehouse are caster geniuses , and we look forward to being of assistance!

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Dock Plates | Today's Material Handling School Subject

Posted by Ed Stairman on Oct 17, 2012 8:58:00 AM

Dock Plates can be found on most any receiving and shipping dock.  Dockdock plate plates are the ramps used to bridge the gap between the dock and a truck when NON POWERED equipment is being used for loading and unloading.  So, when the driver unloads with a two wheeled hand truck he will be using a dock plate .

There are a few things to know about dock plates--

  • Height Differential - This measures the maximum height difference between the dock and truck. This is not a trivial matter - if you order a dock plate with an incorrect differential , it will not safely work
  • Material Used - Steel is more sturday ( marginally ) than Aluminum , but aluminum is lighter.  Make sure to consider the weight of the dock plate when ordering.  Consider using a hand truck to position the dock plate
  • Curbs - Some dock plates employ curbs like are found on thruck dock boards ( used for powered equipment ).  Curbs make dock plates safer , but add cost and weight.
  • Lifting chains and hoops - Dock Plates can be ordered with lifting chains or loops.  This makes moving the equipment much easier.  We suggest customers ordering steel dock plates consider hetting lifting chains - as steel dock plates are too heavy for obe person to lift
The Great news.....
Our people are dock plate geniuses!
Give us a call at 800-209-8798 for help
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Roller Conveyor | Please don't call it conveyor belt!

Posted by Ed Stairman on Oct 15, 2012 10:22:00 AM

Roller Conveyor sections are the most commonly utilized gravity conveyors onRoller Conveyor the market.  Lets call them by their proper name: Roller Conveyors.  Many people call all conveyors " conveyor belt".  Gravity roller conveyors have no belt!

The roller conveyor on the right is our Roach medium heavy duty conveyor ( our HDRC series ) Although this is not the heaviest duty conveyor we sell, it offers a 2 1/2 inch roller and 540 pounds per roller capacity.  This is ample capacity for most applications.

If you want to load up a 10 foot conveyor with up to 10 tons of product , check out our King Conveyor.  This structural conveyor with 3 1/2 inch rollers with .216 roller thickness is the real deal - you can see the King Conveyor right below the Roach HDRC

King Conveyor


It is A Plus Warehouse's job to make sure the roller conveyor you order is the one you need.  Our sales experts can hook you up with the roller conveyor you need.  Do you want to know what we call a sales person with 7 years experience at A Plus Warehouse ? We call him a newbie!

Give us a call at 800-209-8798 and run your roller conveyor application by us - we can certainly help.

Please feel free to download the roller conveyo buyers guide , and also enjoy the expertly produced conveyors video.

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Warehouse Shelving | Where House ? Here House !

Posted by Ed Stairman on Oct 11, 2012 11:53:00 AM

A Plus Warehouse stocks the Warehouse Shelving you need! My blog postWarehouse Shelving today is a primer on shelving.  Most importantly , terms are as users define them.  Most folks consider Warehouse shelving to be old fashioned solid metal 36 or 48 inch wide shelving.  Other have a broader view of warehouse shelving

The warehouse shelving on the right is bulk rack by durham.  I consider warehouse shelving and racking to be close enough to call them the same thing.  A shelving unit is a storage unit that allows users to safely store items in an open area.  Of course we sell closed shelving to prevent parts from rolling off.

When warehouse shelving needs to be secure , units can be placed in a wire cage.  Of course A Plus Warehouse sells wire partition systems as well!

Other types of popular warehouse shelving include rivet racks, pallet racks, stacking racks, and sheet racks.  Don't forget the extra heavy duty die racks as well!

Whatever the warehouse shelving requirement you have , do not hestitate to contact A Plus Warehouse.

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Need Industrial Cabinets | Look No Further Than A Plus

Posted by Ed Stairman on Oct 9, 2012 9:21:00 AM

If yu need Industrial Cabinets , you can now end your search! A PlusIndustrial Cabinets Warehouse sells the best industrial cabinets and storage cabinets this side of the Setti Alpha 1 .  What makes a cabinet industrial anyway? The difference between a consumer cabinet and an industrial cabinet is capacity.  A consumer knock around can have capacities as low as 50 pounds oer shelf , while an A Plus Warehouse industrial cabinet can have a capacity that can get close to one ton per shelf! The ever popular KingCab cabinet line has shelves with a 1900 # capacity!

A Plus Warehouse provides excellent industrial cabinets and storage cabinets  produced by manufacturers that are well trusted in this market!  Are you a Lyons or Penco fan ? We have you covered! Are you looking for the amazing capacity of the KingCab or the wonderful variety of Hallowell List? Do you want the rugged durability of a 14 or 16 gauge industrial cabinet by Durham , Jamco , or Justrite.  We ecen sell the entire Pucel Enterprises line!  At the end of the day , it is important for us to provide the product that customers will ove and buy again and again!  The industrial cabinets line here at A Plus Warehouse has been in active development since 1997 , and I am very proud of our offering!

Please click on the box below to download our cabinets buyers guide. Also , please enjoy the professionally produced video!

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Got Warehouse Shelving | A Plus Warehouse

Posted by Ed Stairman on Oct 3, 2012 3:30:00 PM

Warehouse shelving is better than milk and cookies for many reasons.  HaveHeavy Duty Warehouse Shelving you every tried to store 80 pound boxes of nuts and bolts on a plate of cookies and a cup of milk? Warehouse shelving is what you need when storing supplies! A Plus Warehouse stocks shelving of all types.

There are a few different types of warehouse shelving that I'd like to describe.

The shelving shown on the right is our Krazy Kap Industrial shelving.  These shelving units gave an amazing 1775 pound capacity per shelf! Krazy Kap shelving is made in USA by the same company that makes our awesomely popular BigBlue Storage Cabinets line

Other warehouse shelving includes:

Bulk Rack : Shelving that looks a lot like pallet racks , but is intended for hand loading and unloading

Rivet Rack : A Specialized bulk rack that is comprised of pieces that snap together ( rivets into holes )

Scotch Rack : A trusted brand of bulk rack manufactured by Scotland Rack in Pennsylvania

Hi Tech Shelving : A collection of several shelving families made by Hallowell - you can see Hallowell's extra heavy duty H post warehouse shelving beneath the Krazy Kap shelving

Hallowell Heavy Duty Warehouse Shelving


The take away from this is that A Plus Warehouse is your warehouse shelving source! Milk and cookies are fine also - you can't eat and drink warehouse shelving ( unless it is heated to 3000 degrees F - then digestive trouble would be in store! )


Please click on the button below for additional information!



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Trough Conveyors | In Stock At A Plus Warehouse

Posted by Ed Stairman on Oct 2, 2012 9:02:00 AM

Trough Conveyors by Roach are always in stock and fill a very significan nich in the conveyorTrough Conveyors space.  A trough bed conveyor is a powered conveyor with built in guardrails making a trough.  Since the rails are integral to the frame , there is no gap.

Roach Conveyors are made to order in Arkansas , but they offer one very important feature.  The VAST majority of Roach Conveyors including the trough conveyor ship in 24 hours!  The fulfillment system is quite amazing.  Roach stock thousands of standard components - not on a just in time basis , but rather on the old fashioned 'Always Available' basis.  Of course this drives up assets employed , but also drives up sales since customers want shipments now , and not soon!

All orders that are in befor noon are placed for production in the factory , and the conveyor 'elves' assemble the stock parts to ship the conveyor the next afternoon.  When ordering conveyors from A Plus Warehouse , there is no time for customers to change their minds.  An order placed by noon will typically ship the next day - even orders over $30,000 !

Whatever your conveyor needs , please count on A Plus Warehouse for the service you deserve!

The button below will allow you to download our conveyors buying guide free of charge.  I am also including a link to our expandable conveyors video - it is entertaining and informative.

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Wire Shelving | A Few Brands And Styles You Should Know About

Posted by Ed Stairman on Oct 1, 2012 9:03:00 AM

There are a few interesting developments in Wire Shelving that I'd like A PlusWire Shelving Warehouse customers to know about.  Most importantly , I'd like to mention that square post wire shelving like the type made by AMCO is becoming quite popular because square post shelving tends to have a greater capacity than round post wire shelving. A Plus Warehouse provides great square post wire shelving from Relius, Amco, Quantum and other great makes as well.

Other new offerings in the wire shelving arena include the addition of stainless steel wire shelving and corner shelving.  Stainless steel wire shelving can be used in a sanitary environment such as food service or production.  With our imported stainless wire shelving , it may be surprising how little extra the stainless costs over the traditional chrome shelving.

That brings up the next wire shelving change.  Back in the day , wire shelving was typically zinc coated .  Most wire shelving is now Chrome.  Customers are quite fond of our extra deep chrome wire shelving , in fact.

Most wire shelving is now imported , so it is very important to request made in USA when that is a requirement.  We provide excellent American Made shelving by Eagle Manufacturing and others as well!

A Plus Warehouse is your wire shelving source - please click on the button below for information.

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Also , enjoy the video.  It took a lot of effort , so I hope you enjoy it.

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Ballymore Rolling Ladders | Why Accept Bally-Less ?

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 28, 2012 9:05:00 AM

Ballymore rolling ladders is the premier line for quality ladders , and we have been selling theirBallymore Ladders line since 1996 !  Ballymore has it's main rolling ladders production plant in Pennsylvania , and they also provide regional distribution to save freight.  Industrial rolling ladders can be difficult to ship , and over decades of dilligent product and packaging designs , Ballymore has come up with a method that gets rolling ladders delivered damage free!  Also , many parts are now replacable , so in the case of damage , the entire ladder is rarely a loss.

There are some popular Ballymore Ladders I'd like to review with you.

  1. Outdoor Aluminum Rolling Ladder -- This bad boy has giant wheels to handle the outdoors.  For a small fee , Ballymore can replace the bar with a snap chain , so the ladder can become a walk through.
  2. Cantilever Ladders -- Great if you need to get over a rack or other item.  Traditional rolling ladders get you next to something , not over it! The cantilever deck can stick out 42 inches!
  3. Freight saver ladders -- These ladders ship partially unassembled to minimize freight chatges and make damages virtually non - existent
So , why be Bally-less when you can have Ballymore?
A Plus Warehouse has been selling quality , American made Ballymore Ladders since 1996 , and will continue doing so.
Distribution is all about people.  A Plus Warehouse has the best customers , sales people, and vendors.  Our friends at Ballymore are certainly in our prime vendor lines!
Come experience Ballymore quality and A Plus Warehouse service.  Come on now.. You purchased your warehouse racks from A Plus Warehouse , count on us for your Ballymore Ladders as well!
Please click on the button below to start a dialog..
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Need Steel Shelving | Count on US

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 27, 2012 10:10:00 AM

Where should on go when in the appetite for steel shelving ? Of course the answer to that question is A Plus Warehouse.  We provide only the best steel shelving . Our traditional steel shelving is typically made in USA , while the rivet rack tends to be manufactured overseas.

There are a few types of steel shelving I'd like to bring your attention to..

Hallowell Heavy Duty Steel Shelving -- Due to a unique post and innovative shelf design ,Steel Shelving Hallowell has brought the standard steel shelf into the 1200# capacity per shelf arena! If you have super heavy stock , and still want traditional shelving , this is your steel shelving!

Krazy Cap Heavy Duty Steel Shelving -- The very same company that manufactures our every popular BigBlue line of storage cabinets and work benches has introduced the Krazy Cap shelving.  These shelving units has a capacity of 1,775 pounds per shelf! If your shelf footprint is 42 x 18 or 48 x 24 - and you are storing SERIOUSLY heavy stuff , the Krazy Cap steel shelving is for you!


Hallowell steel shelving is great because there are several capacity ranges readily available for sale nationwide at local warehouses! Shelving is expensive to ship per mile , which is why local stock makes so much sense.Krazy Cap Steel Shelving

A Plus Warehouse offers the best sales help in the business.  If you have any questions , call us at 800-209-8798 and a steel shelving guru will be on the line with you!

For further information , please download our free steel shelving product buyers guide.  Also , please enjoy the video - and why not link to our blog?


We are your right choice right now!

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Yom Kipur | Time to atone for not buying lockers from

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 26, 2012 9:08:00 AM

So , Today is Yom Kipur - the holiest day of the year.  How is it that yourLockers humble Jewish blogmaster is publishing a blog post today? Although the blog post is being published on Yom Kipur , through the magic of blog scheduling , the actual work is being done BEFORE Kol Nidre! Hopefully this work is therefore kosher. In case the work is traif , at least I have something to atone for next year!

A Plus Warehouse is the best lockers dealer offering products from only tried and true suppliers. Just check out the amazing LockMaster locker shown on the right.  How many lockers  companies provide you with complete lockers including the locks? Ordering locks - especially the built in variety can be real heart ache when dealing with other dealers.

A Plus Warehouse offers Hallowell, Lyons, Penco, Edsal, Sandusky, Republic, Pucel and other brands as well! Need lockers without legs? Fear not , Tennsco stock legless lockers.  Tennsco is the same company that produces  Q Line Industrial shelving !

Don't forget to download the lockers buyers guide ! All you ever wanted to know about lockers in one free package!

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On this holy and sacred holiday , The entire A Plus Warehouse family wishes all Customers, potential customers, and all quality human beings best wishes for inscription in the book of like this year.

Shalom from Ed Stairman , and Lisa the Locker girl in our video below!!

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Cheap Storage Cabinets | Who Has Them

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 25, 2012 11:50:00 AM

Do you want Cheap Storage Cabinets but do not want to sacrifice quality? If your answer is yesCheap Storage Cabinets , then you have found the cheap storage cabinet source! How can A Plus Warehouse offer storage cabinets at a reasonable price ? Very simple. We match the storage cabinet to the customer.  A company requiring a cabinet for storing office supplies does not need the 12 gauge KingCab storage cabinet with 1900 pound capacity per shelf.  A nice Tennsco or Penco storage cabinet works out fine for a customer with that requirement.

We also keep costs down by locating inventory nationally close to customers.  When deciding to order a storage cabinet , the wise customer looks at total cost , not just the item cost.  Freight counts , and transportation costs get high when inventory is not centrally located.  Hallowell cheap storage cabinets are an especially great line with product available in no less than 5 regional distribution centers.  Penco , Lyons, and Republic all offer multiple shipping locations as well.

The cabinet shown on the right is actually a combination cabinet , not a storage cabinet.  Combination cabinets are half storage cabinets ( full width shelves ) and half wardrobe cabinets ( which have one hat shelf and a full width coat rod )

The unit shown is a Hallowell product and is provided all welded and ready to use.  Assembling a cabinet is difficult work , so we suggest saving the effort and ordering cabinets set up.

A Plus Warehouse is your cabinets source , please download our product buyers guide - yours for the low low price of nothing!!

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Also , we have produced an awesome storage cabinets video - please check it out , and perhaps link to us.

All comments are replied to promptly.


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Need Storage Solutions | Who are You Going To Call

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 24, 2012 2:52:00 PM

When companies need Storage Solutions , they come to A Plus Warehouse! A Plus Warehouse is the storage solutions leader for many reasons - and I'd like to run a few by y'all!Storage Solutions

  1. Breadth of product line -- By utilizing A Plus Warehouse , customer experience an unparellelled one stop shopping experience covering the breadth of material handline products
  2. Limited Distribution Lines -- Only great dealers are fully franchised in the Roach Conveyor line.  Did I mention A Plus Warehouse is?  We are also the nationwide dealer for KingCab Cabinets as well as the entire BigBlue line of quality work benches and storage cabinets
  3. Best Sales People In The Business! What do you call an A Plus Warehouse salesman with 8 years of tenure? "Newbie"
  4. Exellent Inventory
  5. Great Support
  6. Competative Prices
  7. Specials Orders Don't Upset Us - BigBlue products can be made in almost any color!
  8. Need a conveyor RIGHT Now? With A Plus Warehouse and Roach , you'll be rolling!
  9. We have been in business for over 15 years with countless thrilled customers!
  10. Ed Stairman is not only the most handsome materials handling equipment, but is also the most humble of the buncg. What a guy!
HEY , Throw an order at A Plus Warehouse.
No one has ever been fired for buying from A Plus Warehouse

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Jib Cranes | What The Heck Are They - and Why You May Need One

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 21, 2012 9:05:00 AM

Jib Cranes are essential in overhead material handling.  When a hoist is usedJib Cranes to lift any piece of equipment , that hoist must be mounted on something! Jib Cranes allow for pick up then 360 degree rotation ( or less with stops ) for placement elsewhere in the work area.  Check out the Jib Crane on the right!

As you can clearly see, a jib crane allows heavy items to be picked up off a work surface to be moved or otherwise processed.  There are a few different jin cranes to consider:

  1. Wall Mounted - Obviously these are not 360 degree rotating! If the wall can handle the load , wall mounted can be a more efficient use of space than the free standing jib crane
  2. Free Standing Jib Crane - The choice for full rotation.  Make sure to order the bolt stencil - which will show where to place the bolts
  3. Aluminum or Stainless Jin Cranes - For corrosive environments
A Plus Warehouse sells not only jib cranes , but also hoists, trollies and under the hook devices such as spreaders and lifting magnets.  We have the entire hoisting system covered!
We have created a nice hoisting equipment video - please enjoy it!
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Electronic Workbench | Look no further than A Plus Warehouse

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 20, 2012 9:08:00 AM

What exactly is electronic in an electronic workbench ? Nothing! An electronicElectronic Workbench work bench is used for light assembly of electronics and other medium duty application.  Pucel produces an electronic workbench that has electronically powered elevating legs , incidentally.

The unit shown on the right is made in USA by Parent Metal Products.  This economy work bench can be provided with an overhead light fixture as well as bin rails , power strips and a variety of options.  The cantilever shelf is always popular.

Other electronics work benches offered at A Plus Warehouse include Tennsco Work Benches, Pro Line and Edsal as well.  Of course Penco is always available as well!

The Proline Bench in a box packing bench is excellent simply because one model number gets you a complete work bench.

Check out the image of the bench in a box on the right..

Packing Bench


Whatever your work bench needs , please come to A Plus Warehouse - our sales staff is ready to help now.  We understand your needs and have been selling the best electronic workbench accessories since 1996

Please click on the image below for a work bench product buyers guide.

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Lyon Lockers | A Well Respected Storage Equipment Brand

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 19, 2012 7:58:00 AM

Lyon Lockers are among the best manufactured lockers made in USA! LyonLyon ADA Locker has been in the business for well over 50 years producing excellent storage equipment such as storage cabinets abd steel shelving as well.

The Lyon Locker shown ojn the right is an ADA locker.  An ADA locker meets the requirements under the Americans With Disabilities law.  Most locker rooms should have at least one ADA locker in order to be in compliance with the law.  Lyon makes it easy!

Lyon Lockers have come a long way - even since I was a lad! Back in the late 1960s , Lyon produced removable locker boxes that locked onto heavy duty shelving.  The YMCA I used to go to would provide a little Lyon metal bin in which I'd put my clothing , and a service person would lock the box into a shelving unit!

Lyon still makes the old fashioned locker box shelving arrrangement , but I think it is mostly for nostalgia.  Modern Lyon Lockers are just like corridor lockers made by Penco , Hallowell, Republic, Edsal, and Tennsco.  Of course that is not an exhaustive list of companies that make great lockers - but it is enough of a list to remind customers that Lyon Lockers are the real deal.

Give us a call to talk lockers - it is what we live for!

In the mean time , please download the free locker buyers guide!

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The Steel Cabinet Story | Find Out All About Steel Cabinets

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 18, 2012 9:24:00 AM

Any plant you may visit will employ at least one steel cabinet , and at somesteel cabinets point , most industrial buyers need to order steel cabinets.  This blog post will describe steel cabinets and further inform the buyer what cabinets may be appropriate for use.

The Bigblue cabinet shown on the right is quite popular due to it's heavy duty construction , and two color process.  Most steel cabinets on the market are one color - typically gray.

Steel cabinets can be provided all welded ( or otherwide set up ) or KD ( unassembled) .  Lighter duty cabinets tend to be the ones that are available KD.  Some A Plus Warehouse vendors that offer KD steel cabinets include Lyons, Penco,Edsal and Tennsco.  Heavier duty cabinets are exclusively assembled - such as the BigBlue or 12 GA KingCab line.

Manufacturing plants tend to go with a heavier duty assembled steel cabinet , but KD steel cabinets are always high quality when purchased through A Plus Warehouse.  All of the previously mentioned vendors produce excellent products including kd steel cabinets.

There are THREE types of steel cabinets to mention - and here they are...

  1. Storage Cabinets : These have several ( usually 5 ) full width shelves.  Storage cabinets are used for storing equipment and supplies.  Customers should consider ordering plastic bins for their storage cabinets for more efficient product storage
  2. Wardrobe cabinets : These have just One full width shelf - with a coat rod underneath it.  As the name suggests , wardrobe cabinets are used for storing coaths , hats , umbrellas , etc.  Wardrobe cabinets are provided so that employees can keep their wet coats out of their lockers
  3. Combination Cabinets : Are half storage and half wardrobe.  All shelves except the hat shelf are half width - allowing for half of the cabinet to hang coats and the other half to store products.
A soecialized steel cabinet would be the stainless steel cabinet.  Stainless steel cabinets look real sharp , but tend to be expensive.  We have the premium KingCab 12 GA line as well as an economy line that typically costs less than 30% the price of a similarly sized KingCab.  Stainless steel cabinets are used in sanitary environments , such as food service and manufacturing.
Please click on the image below for a free steel cabinets product buyers guide. Also , enjoy the video
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Get Industrious | Learn about Industrial Shelving

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 14, 2012 9:10:00 AM

Industrial Shelving is the type of shelving one finds in heavy industry.Industrial Shelving  Companies using industrial shelving buy these items from industrial distributors , such as A Plus Warehouse.  Industrial Shelving is not the thirty five dollar shelving readily available for sale at any warehouse store.  That type of shelving is 'consumer' product.

The Industrial shelving shown on the right is our Krazy Kap shelving.  These items have a capacity up to 1775 pounds per shelf! Additionally , they can be made in any number of colors.

What makes shelving ' industrial shelving ' is simply the capacity. Once capacity exceeds 700 pounds per shelf , A Plus Warehouse considers the shelving 'industrial' - There is no absolute industrial standard on the term , however.

In this post , I'd like to review some of our more popular industrial shelving items.  

BoltlessBoltless Shelving shelving also known as river rack tends to be heavy duty , and unlike typical industrial shelving , can be as wide as 10 feet! ( traditional shelving tops out at 4 feet wide ) - The picture on the right is voltless shelving.  Look closely at the shelving . Why do you suppose it si known as boltless? Simplr -- because these assemble without nits and bolts! The parts have integral rivets that slide into the uprights.  Assembly is done with a simple rubber mallet!  Many great vendors produce rivet shelving.  These vendors include Hallowell, Lyons, Penco, Scotland Rack, Triboro, Edsal, Safco and others as well.  The dealer you buy from should be able to ship boltless shelving from stock. ( Did I mention A Plus Warehouse does ? )





Another type of industrial shelving is the Durham wide span shelving. Wide span shelving looks almost the same as pallet racks , and is only different in that it is designed for hand loadingDurham Bulk Rack rather than forklift loading. When considering this type of shelving , understand that we offer starters and adders.  An adder has only one upright , and shares an upright with a different unit.  Ordering adders saves money!  Durham has been making this fine bulk rack ever since the design was purchased from Frick Gallagher over five years ago.  Frick Gallagher was a well respected name , and Durham nicely integrated this and other Frick items into their mix.  Of course A Plus Warehouse is a full line Durham Manufacturing dealer! ( Duh)




In discussing industrial shelving, it would be wrong to leave out Hallowell List Industries! Hallowell offers a wide variety of industrial shelving.  I'd like to Highlight the H Post Extra Heavy Duty Shelving , however.Hallowell Extra Heavy Duty Shelving

The H style post employed makes for amazing capacity! Hallowell has convinced 18 GA shelving to act like 14 Gauge shelving.  Truely , H Post shelving is an exciting new take on industrial shelving!

If you want additional industrial shelving help, Just call us at 800-209-8798 , and an industrial shelving genius will be at your beck and call!

Please click the button below to download our shelving buyers guide - your for the great low price of FREE!!



Please check out our Youtube video - We do not show the prophet Mohamed doing anything bad in this video

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Pallet Racks | What They Are and how to order them

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 13, 2012 9:05:00 AM

Pallet racks are well understood in industry , but for those that are not awarePallet Racks of the term , Pallet rack is the type of indutrial shelving used by warehouse clubs to store full pallets of goods.  Pallet rack is loaded by forklift as opposed to warehouse rack or warehouse shelving that can be hand loaded.

The pallet rack shown on the right is a typical arrangement with two uprights and 4 beams.  A typical depth for pallet rack uprights is 42 inches and a typical length for beams is 96 inches.  Of course there are multiple sizes and capacities available.

There are a few different styles of pallet racks to review, and here they are - in no particular order.

  1. Tear Drop Pallet Racks - The most common pallet rack type.  These roll formed units are found everywhere.  Occasionally , they are called 'old style Interlake' - and many vendors are compatibile
  2. Keystone - Another style of racks that are NOT compatibile with tear drop.  Keyston is produced by Wireway Husky and other fine rack manufacturers.
  3. Structural Pallet Racks - These are made from structural steel and are bolted together.  How about an upright capacity of 52,000 pounds per upright? HEAVY industry counts on us for structural pallet racks.  It is worth noting that most competitors do not show pricing for structural - we do!!
  4. Pre-Configured rack - One model number gets you the whole SHEBANG! Why remake the wheel? Simply order one model number and get a full rack!
  5. Pallet racks with rack guards - Rack guard prevent items from falling off racks.  We also sell post protectors to protect posts from forklift strikes.
We are the racking experts - please click on the button below for an information pack - and enjoy the video!
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Five Reason To Get Employee Lockers

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 12, 2012 9:11:00 AM

Everyone likes lists , and this is our top five list of why to order employeeEmployee Lockers lockers.  A Plus Warehouse is a nationwide dealer of quality new employee lockers , and we look forward to providing you with a great ordering experience!  Here is the list!!

  1. Prestige - Just look at the Hybrid locker on the right! Are your people in the office or a country club? An attractive employee locker tells your workers that you care
  2. Security - Lockers keep honest people honest.  A criminal will fins a way to break in to almost anything - including an employee locker .  But having a locker disuades folks from crossing ' to the dark side'
  3. Attractive - Do you really want people thrown their street clothes and coats all over the place? Keep their stuff in employee lockers , and you'll see nothing!
  4. Legal Issues - ADA lockers are required by the long arm of the law! A Plus Warehouse sells ADA Lockers as well.
  5. Why not ? Come on... You have the money!
The sales staff at A Plus Warehouse is always ready to help with your lockers requirements - large or small.  Most of our quality employee lockers can be provided unassembled or fully assembled for your convenience.
Please click below to download our free and awesome lockers buyers guide.
Also , please enjoy the lockers video!

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Tennsco Makes A Great Metal Cabinet Line. Learn all about it!

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 11, 2012 2:17:00 PM

Tennsco is a Tenness based manufacturer that makes some excellent items.Tennsco Metal Cabinets  Their lines include a metal cabinet offering as well as work benches and steel shelving.  The purpose of this post is to discuss Tennsco metal cabinets.

There are several things customers should know about Tennsco Cabinets - and in no particular order , here are the points..

  1. Tennsco stocks metal cabinets in several colors and several styles
  2. Tennsco provides both a standard and a deluxe line.  The deluxe line has additional capacity and levelling feet
  3. Tennsco offers sliding door cabinet - unlike most metal cabinet manufacturers
  4. Tennsco also makes specialty cabinets including perforated door metal cabinets
A Plus Warehouse has been selling the quality Tennsco line since 1996 , and we intend to continue doing so! Please check out Nicole the cabinet girl pitching Tennsco Cabinets.
Of course , A Plus Warehouse also has an interesting storage cabinets video as well!
Finally , please click on the button below to get our super cool metal cabinet product guide
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Berms | Why you need them for spill control

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 10, 2012 9:08:00 AM

Spilling hazardous chemicals can be bad for the environment , and even worse for your income statement! Sorbents are great for spills on the ground , and dikes or pads are fine for spills on water.   What should be sone for spillsThrow N Go Berm that have not happened but could predicably happen? Berms are just what you need 

Consider the fuel truck shown on the left. When a worker starts filling or emptying the truck , it is always possible that there will be a leak.  Tith the truck sitting on a Berg Throw N Go Berm , none of the potential spill will reach the environment! Throw N Go Berms as so named because you throw them down and go away! Any fluid that falls into the berm will start pushing up the walls.  This berm enpties easily with 3/4 inch drains.

No one likes dirty air and dirty water - we all need to live on this astonomical pebble , so - let's pull it together and utilize berms when a significant leak is conceivable.  The Thow N Go Berms are avaialble in Deser Tan , Black and even Green.  The US Military uses berms regularly.

Please see the video showing how amazingly easy it is to deploy a Berg THROW n Go berm!

Please click on the button below if you would like to start a dialog with A Plus Warehouse about berms , lockers, storage cabinets - or any other item we may be able to help you with!

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Fuel Bladders | Who Needs Them and Why

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 7, 2012 9:17:00 AM

How does the US Army keep their vehicles fueld in the field of combat ? ThisFuel Bladder is an important question.  An army marches on food and water , but it drives and flies on fuel! Fuel Bladders are pillow shaped contraptions that are very easy to deploy , inexpensive to use and purchase , and most importantly can be deployed anywhere ( including deserts ). These beauties can hold up to twenty thousand gallons of fuel! The need for fuel can not be questioned,  The only thing to decide is how and where to fuel the operation's vehicles.

Construction sites and remote operations can't send workers to the local station for a few gallons.  Either customers need to build free standing tanks,or use fuel bladders.  The quickest solution is a fuel bladder , and quick plus cheap is usually a winning proposition!

A Plus Warehouse now distributes the Berg line of spill containment devices and also their water bladders and fuel bladders.  

In terms of water bladders , we can mark there is no difference between a bladder for potable water vs non-potable or so called 'gray' water.  For no charge , A Plus Warehouse can label the bladder accordingly , just let your sales person know when you order.

If you want information , please click on the button below.

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Also , please enjoy the video that shows how easy it is to deploy even a large fuel bladder!

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Storage Lockers | What they are and who uses them

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 6, 2012 2:19:00 PM

Storage Lockers are not the same as standard lockers.  Storage lockers arestorage lockers used for bulk storage and tend to look like mini cages.  One can consider storage lockers to be mini storage rooms.

When ordering storage lockers , please be aware that standard storage lockers do not include ceiling panels or back panels.  Customers tend to mount storage lockers to walls and have them close to the height of their ceiling.  With a wall and ceiling in place , the additional panels are typically a waste of money.

A Plus Warehouse makes it very easy if you need panels.  We show both ceiling and back panels on our website along with the product itself.  The image shown in a scombination of a single tier starter and a double tier adder.  An adder unit shares a side panel - again saving you money!

The storage locker shown on the right is a Hallowell storage locker , and that line does quite well.  Not only is the storage locker an attractive finish , but they are also in stock nationwide - at a great price point.  If you want one or one hundred units , count on A Plus Warehouse for the attention you deserve.

To learn more about lockers , give us a call at 800-209-8798

You can also download a free buyers guide by clicking on the image below.


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Aluminum Gantry Crane | Get yours at A Plus Warehouse

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 5, 2012 7:10:00 AM

An Aluminum Gantry Crane is used should be used for high capacity overhead lifting in severalAluminum Gantry Crane different applications that favor aluminum vs steel.  An aluminum gantry crane will weigh less than a steel crane simply because aluminum is a lighter metal.  This makes the aluminum option a great choice when the weight of the unit counts- an example of this would be repetative field assembly and transportation - IE: a jobsite crane.

Aluminum is also different in terms of electrical condictivity.  In some cases involving high voltage, an aluminum gantry crane may also be a GREAT idea.

When ordering gantry cranes it is important to know what you are getting.  The unit shown on the right is a basic aluminum gantry crane with a trolley and a hoist.  The trolley and hoist are not included with a gantry as standard.  The smartest thing to do is order all three components from the same dealer. ( A Plus Warehouse - of course )  The reason for consolidating the order is that not all parts are compatibile! The I beam of a crane needs a trolley of certain width and height! When you order from A Plus Warehouse , all three items will work in consort!

For customers that require height adjustment , a ratchet kit is available for short change.  Customers using the product outdoors may want to invest in pneumatic casters.  Again , order the special casters from A Plus Warehouse , as casters have different plate sizes , and the plate size must fit the crane legs!

Click on the button below to request additional information- and enjoy the hoist equipment video.

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Stainless Steel Cabinet Options | What you need to know

Posted by Ed Stairman on Sep 4, 2012 3:17:00 PM

When you need a stainless steel cabinet you should be aware that there are now many optionsKingCab Stainless Steel Cabinet available at A Plus Warehouse.  Our stainless steel cabinet line started with the now Famous KingCab 12 Gauge line , and has expanded to include Sandusky , Jamco, and the Silver Bullet line as well.  Each line has it's own specialty.

KingCab - These stainless steel cabinets have the greatest capacity with a massive 1,900 pounds capacity per shelf! We also tend to keep the KingCab product in stock for immediate delivery

Silver Bullet - The Silver Bullet line offers bi-folding doors for tight areas , and are available preconfigured with plastic bins as an option as well.

Jamco - Jamco , the company you have counted on for work benches , cabinets and carts for years is now manufacturing quality cabinets including stainless steel cabinets! These items are made in Illinois

Sandusky - Sandusky provides stainlesss steel cabinets with traditional locks , or digital locks for no additional charge! Sandusky also ships quickly.

Customers that order stainless steel cabinets include pharmaceutical companies, brewers, high tech companies, and companies looking for attractive cabinets.  Our sales people are storage cabinets geniuses , and are ready and willing to help with your requirements!

Please click the image below to download our free cabinets buyers guide.

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Also , please enjoy the video!

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Lockers | The best place to store freshmen

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 31, 2012 9:35:00 AM

With school starting , I thought it would be a good idea to have some lockersLockers fun! What crazy stuff can be done with the lockers we sell here at A Plus Warehouse ? The following is a partial list.  Please note : this is humor - we are not suggesting you actually do these things!

  1. Control your freshmen ! A Rhino heavy duty locker is up to 24 w x 36 in deep. Plenty of room to store a frehman.  When imprisoning people , consider vented lockers.  Even frehmen deserve to breathe!
  2. Learn about newtonian mechanics - drop a locker from the top of your school to the ground.  Notice that the locker lands on Mr. Odwallow at the same time the rock lands on him.  Gravity is constant even though mass is different - hmmm.
  3. As part of thing #2 - measure the time it takes for the locker to hit Mr Odwallow.  d=1/2gt^2 - this will give you the height of the building! Alternatively...
  4. The ratio of the buildings, height to shadow is identical to the lockers height to shadow ration - another way to tell the building's height
Seriously though , the best thing to do with lockers is to buy all you want of them from A Plus Warehouse - then misplace them and buy more - then repeat the process regularly.
If you'd like a serious product buyers guide , please click the image below.
Enjoy the lockers video as well! 

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Plastic Storage Bins | The Three Styles You Need To Know About

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 29, 2012 9:37:00 AM

Plastic Storage Bins are found in every warehouse or factory you could every visit.  Customers of all stripes require plastic storage bins , but some do not know the categories of product available.  This blog post exists to simplify ordering plastic storage bins by showing the various categories and describing them.

Lets start with stacking bins.  

Stacking bins stack onto one another and do not nest.  Stackable bins can typically be hooked onto louvered panels.  Pallet sized bins are not intended for hook on application.

Stacking Bins







The next category is shelf bins.

Shelf bins can nest but do not stack on one another.  Shelf bins are so named because they are deployed on steel shelving units , and have lips on the back that allow the units to tip and be held in place by an upper shelf.  Shelf bins have always been 4 inches high , but they are now also available in 6 inch height! The extra 2 inches allows for less wasted space between shelves.  Customers should consider ordering pre configured bin shelving with bin shelves includedshelf bin






 The final type of plastic storage bins I'd like to mention is the see through bin.  These bins are autoclavable to 250 degrees. Incidentally , we have a separate blog post about autoclavable bins.

See through bins are very popular with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.  With see through bins , it is clear what each bin stores.  Both Quantum Plastics and Akro Mils manufacture see through bins.  Unlike standard stacking bins , see through bins can be provided with lids.See Through Bins







We have produced a plastic bins buyers guide that you may find interesting! Please click on the button below to get yours free of charge.

Click me Also , learn about plastic storage bins by checking out our video!

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Check Out The New Storage Bins By Quantum Plastics

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 27, 2012 10:12:00 AM

We have been selling Quantum Plastics storage bins for well over 15 years,storage bins and can state that those guys never sleep! Quantum is always looking for ways to make storing products even more efficient!  The purpose of this blog post is to describe some of the excellent new storage bins manufactured right here in USA by Quantum Plastics.  

Here , then is a list of interesting new Quantum Plastics bins

  1. The bins shown on the right are HULK bins.  As you can see , hulk bins are enourmous! Two bins equal the width of a standard pallet!
  2. Rack Bins - Storage bins that perfectly fit into pallet racks - great for bulk storage - The rack bins link shows pricing and information on not ony the bins , but also the double deep wire shelving that would be used.
  3. Clearview Bins - Great for hospitals.
  4. Stacking Shelf Bins - The perfect combination of the two most popular bin types
  5. Stacking containers - These have a giant hopper front for easy access
  6. Magnum Bins - The storage bin that lives between the traditional stacking bin and the ultra large Hulk Bins. Consider shelving pre configured with Magnum bins
  7. Store More shelf bins - These shelf bins are 50% higher than traditional shelf bins ( 6 in vs 4 in ) These bins allow for less wasted space between shelves
  8. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention Quantums excellent new hospital cart offering as well!
A Plus Warehouse is a master dealer for Quanrum storage bins , and we are able to help with any storage bin question you may have.
Please click the button below to request a free buyers guide.
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Also , please enjoy the video!

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What Makes Industrial Shelving Industrial Shelving

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 24, 2012 9:24:00 AM

Folks talk about industrial shelving quite a bit , but what is it ?  As with any term , the definitionIndustrial Shelving is produced by the customer buying the equipment! Some would group pallet racks and bulk shelving into the category of industrial shelving , as these are items used for industrial strength storage.  The A Plus Warehouse definition is that an industrial shelving unit is a traditional shelving unit typically 48 inches wide or less and 36 inches deep or less with a capacity over 500 pounds per shelf.

A contrast to industrial shelving would be commercial shelving or consumer shelving.  Back 30 years ago , it was very easy to determine what industrial shelvinf was - you'd just need to look at the gauge of the shelf.  An 18 gauge shelf was industrial a 20 gauge was commercial and a 22 gauge was consumer.  Very simple!  

However , the combination of commodity inflation , and robotic manufacturing changed that! 

Consider a steel I beam for a moment.  Clearly , the I Beam can handle much more load than f flat sheet of metal.  Shelving manufacturers came up with the smart idea to take thinner ( less expensive ) metal and bend the metal into channels and weld back to the metal.  The result is 22 gause shelves that have the capacity of old fashioned 18 gauge shelves!

The reason robotics needed to catch up to manufacturing is simply because multiple bends and welding would be labor intensive , costing more than the savings in metal.  Now that machines can be programmed , production lines can flow!

A Plus Warehouse provides industrial shelving by great suppliers such as Hallowell, Penco, Republic, Lyons, Parent,Stronghold,Pucel, and Edsal.

Let our staff lay out the industrial shelving you require.  With starters and adders , we can save you real cash money!

Please use the button below for the buyers guide.  


Also , enjoy the video! 

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Why Plastic Bins are so popular

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 23, 2012 8:53:00 AM

Plastic Bins are used in every warehouse and office.  Why do so many customers utilize plastic bins by A Plus Warehouse?Pallet Sized plastic Bins

The answer is peoples endless struugle with entropy.  Entropy states that nature tends towards the maximum level of disorder possibile.  Entropy is not compatibile with functioning business - as a business needs to be highly organized to succeed.  Plastic bins used in conjunction with industrial shelving will help organize any office - making the operation more efficient and effective as well.  How well can an office run when workers can't find required supplies?

Plastic bins conver a wide range , and I wanted to mention some of the various types of plastic bins A Plus Warehouse offers.

  • Rack Bins - The plastic bins shown on the right are rack bins - perfectly sized bins for bulk storage on pallet racks
  • Akro Bins - Akro is actually a popular bin manufacturer - folks use 'Akro' for bin in the same way that folks can use 'Kleenex' for tissue.  Both are trademarks and are products made by specific companies. A traditional 'Akrobin' is a stackable bin , but Akro makes Soooo many other styles as well!
  • Shelf Bin - A bin that works perfectly with shelving. Bin Shelving These bins nest but do not stack.  Consider ordering pre configured bin shelving for convenience.
  • Hook On Bin - Bins that are used in conjunction with louvered panels.  These bins hook onto the panels.  Hook ons are typically stackable as well , and are the bins you may find in bin cabinets.
  • Straight Wall Containers - These look a bit like milk crates an may have solid or vented sides and bottoms. SWC bins are great for warehouse storage
  • See through bins - Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals love these! Akro and Quantum both make autoclavable see sthrough bins!
For more information on plastic bins , please download our super great and free plastic bins buyers guide!
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Also , please enjoy the video

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Why You Need Locker Room Benches

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 22, 2012 9:20:00 AM

When people use lockers they need some where to sit to change.  Customers should not forgetlocker room benches locker room benches !  A Plus Warehouse offers a variety of quality locker room benches in a few configurations.  I'd like to review some of the locker room benches we offer - and when to use them.

  1. Traditional Locker room benches - The locker room bench on the right is a traditional metal leg unit. This is a permanent installation ( the legs must be bolted to the floor)
  2. Free Standing Units - Same seat surface as the treaditional version , but with stainless steel trapezoidal shaped legs.  Since the leg base is deeper than the seat - the legs do not need to be bolted to the floor.
  3. Plastic units - great in very wet environments
  4. Stainless steel - also great in wet environments or sanitary environments like food production plants
  5. Heavy duty locker benches -These units with cast iron legs have a much more industrial feel.  For customers ordering heavy duty lockers - like the KingCab 12 gauge lockers - HD locker benches may make sense.
Consolidation purchases to fewer purchase always makes sense , so order the locker bench from your locker dealer!  Did I yet mention that we are locker experts? Well.... We are!
Please use the button below to download our most excellent lockers buyers guide , and enjoy the professionally produced video as well!

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Tennsco Storage Cabinets Now In Stock

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 21, 2012 10:12:00 AM

Tennsco is a well known and respected name in lockers, work benches and shelving as well.  We'd like you to know that they also do a great job in storage cabinets.  Some great features about tennsco cabinets are:Tennsco Storage Cabinets

(1) All available set up for convenience

(2) Many available unassembled for freight savings

(3) Many, Many in stock for immediate delivery

(4) 100% manufactured in Tennessee - as it has been for generations

(5) Backed by the great staff at A Plus Warehouse

The cabinet shown on this page is actually not a storage cabinet. Storage cabinets have full width shelves.  This cabinet is known as a combination cabinet - a combination of a storage cabinet and wardrobe cabinet.

Whatever the cabinet type you may need , contact our sales staff , and we will be ready to help with the requirement!

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Also , enjoy the Tennsco cabinets video!



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Order Pallet Rack Guards for safety

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 20, 2012 11:29:00 AM

It is well known that A Plus Ware

house does a great job selling Pallet Racks in both tear drop , keystone and structural to our valued customers.  What some customers don't knowpallet racks

is that we also provide pallet rack guards.  We also sell pallet rack guard rails , but do not confuse the two.  The function of the rack guard is to keep your items on the shelf , and prevent the items from falling off.  Consider the loss of valuable stock through damage , and also consider how people can be injured by falling stock.  Rack guards are made for our tear drop pallet racks and are available flush to the rack or with a 4 or 6 inch projection as required.  If you are looking for a turnkey stsrem , and don't want the hassle of matching guards to uprights,beams and decks - consider the preconfigured pallet rack units with wire deck and pallet rack guards.

Pallet racking is not so hard to understand , and A Plus Warehouseis always ready to help when customers need a hand.  There is nothing to panic over.  We just need to know the capacity per upright and the capacity per level.  From there we discuss if you want decking or guards of any sort , and then you are done!  When we have you situated with your new pallet racking system , remember we sell warehouse rolling ladders .  People cant reach 12 feet high , so most pallet rack users also take advantage of our access ladders as well. 

In purchasing pallet racks do not get intimidated by terminology.  Here are some things you should know.  First of all , most pallet rack is roll formed tear drop.  There is a well respected brand of racks known as Interlake.  This fine brand is the 'Kleenex' of pallet racks.  A Kleenex is a specific well respected tissue producer in the same way Interlake is a respected pallet rack manufacturer.  If you want genuine Interlake , we can arrange that , and if you are looking for old style equibalent , we accomodate that as well.  Keystone is another type with a different looking upright.

The heaviest duty pallet rack is structural pallet rack , and we are one of the very few dealers that show structural pallet racks online.  Our thinking is that if our customers need extra heavy duty , why shouldn't we spemd the time and effort to show them?  This customer focus has always served us well.

We are your right source right now , and look forward to earning your business.For more information please click the link below Also if you are interested in Pallet Racks you may also like our What Constitutes Warehouse Racks And Where To Get Them blog post.

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A Plus Warehouse is industrial casters

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 17, 2012 11:30:00 AM

Casters are a specialty as A Plus Warehouse , and we specialize in industrial casters.Industrial Casters  The difference between industrial casters and consumer casters is mostly design and capacity.  If you need a set of stem casters for your office chair , you probably want consumer casters that are readily available at office supply super stores.  However , if you want casters to put under your 2000 pound capacity dolly , then A Plus Warehouse is the place to go!Dual Wheel

We provide heavy duty plaste casters by Triopines, Albion, Fairbanks, Payson and Hamilton as well.  For tow line operations , Hamilton provides tapered bearing casters.  We offer the entire line of Hamilton when it comes to precision bearing casters.    When looking at casters , you want to consider not only the capacity , but also the surface you are rolling the casters on.  A concrete floor can probably handle a semi steel wheel with no problems.  A hardwood floor nay be damaged by a steel caster.  Hardwood floor applications lend themselves to polyurethane or phenolic caster wheels.

Our sales people are always available to help in determining the best wheel for your application.  Another concern would be brakes.  Perhaps you'd like either swivel or motion brakes.  We can provide either for a minimal chargein most cases.  Swivel lock casters are handy as they allow you to lock down the swivel machanism making your casters work like rigid mount when needed.  This proves handy is you want to roll your cart in a straight line.

When ordering casters , please let us know if you want your casters made in USA. Our casters that are made in Korea , China , and other countries certainly have very high quality at excellent prices - but some customers require components made in USA.  Payson has a line exclusively made here that any government entity can order.  Just let us know , and we will quote made in USA casters and not imports.  That being said , imports do offer a great value , and have a high level of product quality.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now for casters and we look forward to being of assistance. If you would like to learn more about our casters click the link below. Also check out our Industrial Casters are NOT the Casters You Put on Home Furniture! blog post.
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Stainless Steel Carts are Ideal for Food Service

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 16, 2012 11:30:00 AM

Stainless steel carts are used extensively in the food service and high tech businesses.  Stainless steel carts can have excellent capacity and won't rust like steel platform trucks do.  In applications where rust is not acceptable , stainless is the answer.Four Shelf Stainless Steel Cart  Stainless carts are typically provided assembled and ready to use.  A lighter duty version may be good for a few hundred pounds where a reinforced unit can easily have a capacity that exceeds 1,000 pounds.cart

Stainless steel carts are manufactured with a standard push handle as shown on the image on the right , or with an ergonomic handle that makes pushing the cart a bit easier.  We also provide some carts with built in clip board holders and  other interesting features.  When ordering you want to consider a few things.  You first want to consider if you can tolerate some rust on your platform truck.  If you can tolerate some rust eventually , then metal platform trucks would probably work for you , and you'd be able to save money.  If you have a sanitary operation , obviously you will need stainless steel carts by A Plus Warehouse.

Having decided you need to buy stainless steel carts from A Plus Warehouse , you now need to consider the caster arrangement.  Typically customers order 2 swivel and 2 rigid casters for their stainless steel carts.  Some customers prefer all swivel while others like lockable swivel casters.  It is all up to what customers want.  We sell wheels un basic moldon rubber, polyurethane,pneumatic and non marking.  If you have questions about which caster to use , we can help.

A Plus Warehouse is your source for steel deck platform carts as well as many other manterial handling and storage equipment items.  We have been in business since 1996 and have been developing happy customers ever since.  We approach every customer and every order as if it were the only important thing happening.  In the A Plus Warehouse philosophy , each customer is important , as each customer we have justifies our existence as a corporation.  No customers , no justification.  Our sales people have a sense of urgency in everything they do , and have a great understanding of our product lines including but not limited to our stainless steel carts.  We are your right choice right now and look forward to being of assistance.  We hope this blog post on stainless steel carts proves to be educational and entertaining.Please click the link below for more information. If your like stainless steel carts you may also like our stainless steel shlelving. Check out our Why Do you need Stainless Steel Shelving blog post.
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You need storage cabinets

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 16, 2012 11:30:00 AM

Every customer needs storage cabinets and A Plus Warehouse has them for sale!Storage Cabinets We can be cavalier about every customer requiring storage cabinets simply because it is true.Stainless Steel

Consider any location where people work. There is always office supplies to store. Additionally in manufacturing plants , storage cabinets are used for storing raw materials and work in process securely. Once you make the intelligent choice to purchase storage cabinets from A Plus Warehouse , the next step is to determine what family of storage cabinets you need.

For office storage , a Qualcab - either see through of all metal typically suffices. Qualcabs have a capacity of at least 200 pounds per shelf - and capacity ranging to 450 pounds per shelf. Qualcab cabinets are shipped set up and ready to use. Please view our Qualcab cabinet video for a display. If you are looking for a higher capacity or like a funky color scheme , you need to consider our Bigblue or Pink Elephant lines of storage cabinets. For the greatest capacity , our Kingcab Cabinet line with 12 GA construction can not be beat.

Some of our manufacturers include Hallowell List, Penco, Edsal, Parent Metal, Lyon Work Space,Tennsco and others as well. Our storage cabinets are typically made with pride in USA by trained workers - all working to earn your business. Our sales staff knows industrial cabinets very well , and they look forward to helping.

We are your right choice right now for storage cabinets.

If you want more information on our cabinets click the link below. Also, if you are interested in Storage Cabinets check out our Best Wall Cabinets available from A Plus Warehouse blog.

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Get Wire Shelving Racks from A Plus Warehouse

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 15, 2012 11:30:00 AM

Wire shelving racks are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse and there are many reasons to order wire shelving racks from us!  Most importantly , our wire shelving and wire shelving racks are in stock for immediate shipment.  Wire shelving racks are fairly easy to understand , but we suggest you view our wire shelving video to see the product in use.  A Plus Warehouse stocks old fashioned round post wire shelving as well as the square post shelving.  Both types are great , but square post wire shelving racks have a higher capacity.  Either is fine for the majority of industrial applications.  We provide units in starters and adders - whereby you can share intermediate posts and save some money - while adding slightly to the usable width of the shelving.  We also provide wire shelving racks pre configured with plastic bins - making it easy to order a wire cart and not worry about getting the correct bins.wire shelving

Don't forget that we always have the best shelving for sale.  When looking at ordering wire shelving racks from A Plus Warehouse , a few things need to be considered.  First of all , China now makes very good quality product.  In order to offer the best value for our great customers , we offer high quality imported wire carts as an option.  For those customers that want or need wire shelving racks made in America , we offer American brands as well. If you were to make an assumption about country of origin , China would be the best bet.  Please let our salepeople know if you want otherwise , and we will certqainly accomodate.

For customers that have wire shelving or wire shelving racks over 15 years old , we have a great surprise for you!  Installing is now simple.  Most units have snap on plastic clips that hold shelves in place.  Metro even has lever adjusted fittings for even easier deployment and relocation!  The old version required 8 allen screws to be tightened per shelf - 32 fasteners per 4 shelf unit - 320 for 10 unita of shelving.  The new way is SO much easier!

We are your wire shelving racks source and look forward to being of assistance. Click below for more information. Also,if you like our wire shelving you may also like our Steel Shelving. Check our our steel shelving blog post- Steel Shelving is the king of warehouse storage equipment

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A Plus Warehouse now sells Black Cabinets

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 14, 2012 11:30:00 AM

We all know that industrial storage cabinets are typically gray - or blue with red accents in the case of our BigBlue Storage Cabinets.  Customers have been asking us for a good quality black cabinet for years , and we now offer them as well.  Black cabinets and black storage cabinets will have the same capacity of a gray storage cabinet with identical design , obviously.  The black cabinet however has an added feature.  Black is the new gray for industrial application. black cabinet

 It is a strong color that separates customers as edgy or staid.  Of course we love having business from traditional straight shooters or edgy customers that may prefer a standard gray storage cabinet.  A black cabinets customer is typically the same customer that would order our Green Monster industrial cabinet line.  In the case of garage cabinets , we are set up for residential deliveries!  Many of our customers that like black cabinets also should know that among out top 10 best lockers , black lockers will most likely enter the list shortly.

Why should customer purchase storage cabinets from A Plus Warehouse?  Our customers buy storage cabinets, lockers and workbenches from us because we are an excellent nationwide dealer with an absolute customer focus.  So many times with other companies , the attitude you get is ' we are not happy until you are not happy' - that is not the case here at A Plus Warehouse.  We are a family owned company with all of our workers in the USA.  We do not outsource our call center , and enjoy having our own people answering our own customers questions and issues.  If you have special requirements , let us know.  We show a great sampling of the items our manufacturers produce for us , but we do not show every possible item.  Even if we showed 100 % of our vendor offering , imaginge how hard it would be to find any specific item.  Use our sales staff to help you get to what you need.  Here at A Plus Warehouse , a sales person with 5 years of experience is considered new!  We are your right source right now , and look forward to helping you with your black cabinet and storage cabinet request

To learn more about our cabinets please click the link below. Also if you are interested in our black cabinets you might want to check out our ten best storage cabinets- Top Ten best storage cabinets announced at A Plus Warehouse

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which winches?

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Aug 13, 2012 9:08:00 AM

There are so many kinds of winches - now here is the question which winches do you want. Whatever winch you want we have. We have a large variety of winches.
The two major different types of winches: Manual and Power
    Manual is better for occasional use and power is better for heavy use. Most of our winches are power but we also have the Spur Gear Hand Winches. These winches are manual.winch


Also, when ordering winches from A Plus Warehouse remember that you are guaranteed to be perfectly safe as long as you use the winches correctly. Here are some safety tips:

1- NEVER ever lift over your head

2-Never try to lift people

3-Don't mess around when using winches!

Our winches are EXTREMELY high quality. We provide winches with capacities for 1,000 to 10,000 pounds. Although our Paralell Gear Power Winch has a capacity of 26,000 pounds!

Ok so why should you get your winches from A Plus Warehouse?  Well-most importantly-we are super awesome. I mean seriously we are the best. First of all we have a broad selection of products available. Whatever material handling product you want we got.  Second of all, our website is wicked easy to use. If you completed elementary school you could figure out how to use our website. Our products are also available nationwide. A Plus Warehouse is a big enough company to meet your requirements yet small enough to know that you matter.

If you are interested in winches you may also be interested in hoists. Check out our blog post-We have Hoists! Do You? Also if you are interested in winches click the link below to talk with a sales person.

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Work Platforms exist so you can get your work done safely

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Aug 10, 2012 11:30:00 AM

At A Plus Warehouse saftey is always our number 1 priority. If you are not safe we are not happy. Ordering work platforms will most assuredly keep you safe.

We have many different kinds of work platfoms that are sure to keep you safe. Here are our two most popular...

 Maintenance PlatformsMaintenance Platform

One of these platforms is your right choice if you work in maintenance. This seems very obvious- after all they are caled maintenance platforms for a reason. You will not have to worry about saftey on one of these. They are PERFECTLY safe. If they weren't we wouldnt want to sell them to you! The floors is also non-slip. These kind of platforms also ensure easy fork lift entry and exit. This also holds up to 1000 pounds. So no need to worry about it collapsing because your'e to heavy!

  Work PlatformWork Platform

The perfect work platform would be a product with the name of work platform. It is amazing quality and combiens with solid construction features. Just like all of our other work platforms-this platform is designed for safety. It has rugged steel construction features  that deliver dependable service.

A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for work platforms trucks and pretty much any other material handling equipment in the world.

If you like our work platforms, you may also like our our Our top 5 Scissor Lifts blog post.

Please click the link below for more information on any A Plus Warehouse product.

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Storage Bins/ What does Autoclavable mean???

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Aug 9, 2012 10:00:00 AM

So A Plus Warehouse says that our storage bins are autoclavable. But then customers ask what exactly does that mean?

Well customers believe or not- this is a very common question.autoclave

Something that is autoclavable means that it can withstand the heat of an Autoclave.Naturally this leads into the second question what is an AUTOCLAVE??!!?!! To put in in the simplest of terms- the autoclave sanitizes stuff! Pretty much anything. But in this particular case that thing is storage bins. The picture to the right shows an autoclave.

Autoclavable storage bins don't melt at the Autoclave temperature - which can be up to 250 degrees F !

Now that we have that covered, lets move on to our fantastic storage bins. They are GREAT because they are...

  • High Capacity
  • Low Price
  • Ever Lasting

Now why A Plus Warehouse? Well simply because we are the best distributor around. When you buy a product from A Plus Warehouse you know that you are getting a good quality product at an inexpensive price.  Our sales people are also very knowlegable and always ready to help.

Our storage bins are great and so are the rest of our products. We also have many new lines of Storage Bins. Check out our New, New, and Newer Storage Bins blog post. They are all great products.

If you would like more information on our storage bins please click the link below.

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It's not that easy being green- the storage cabinets edition

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Aug 8, 2012 11:31:00 AM

Green Monster Storage Cabinets are interesting products here at A Plus Warehouse. They are heavy duty with a 1200 pound shelf capacity and a 250 pound capacity per drawer. Drawers come in black and white. Since the color of these storage cabinets are so peculiar I decided to write a song about them.

This song inspired by Kermit the frog and the Green Monster Storage Cabinets....

It's not that easy being green;Kermit the Frog

Having to spend each day as a Green Monster Storage Cabinet

When I think it would be nicer being,gray or blue or beige

or something much more normal like that.

It's not easy being green.

It seems that people think its strange to buy such a thing.

And people tend to pass you over 'cause you're

not as well-known as the BigBle Storage Cabinets

or the KingCab Cabinets

But green's the color of me

And Green can be cool and Heavy Duty likeGreen Cabinet

And green can be all welded, have a high capacity

and come with white and black drawers

When green is all there is to be

It could make you wonder why not gray, but why wounder why?

Wonder, I am green and am unique, it's beautiful.

And I think I want to be a Green Monster Storage Cabinet


If you liked this song check out our conveyor song based on Rebecca Black's Friday!

Click the link below to find out more about our cabinets and to listen to the actual it's not easy being green song.

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People will wanna Steal your Steel Ladder

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Aug 7, 2012 11:30:00 AM

We have only the BEST steel ladders. They are so good that people are going to want to steal them!  And really who could blame them-an A Plus Warehouse Steel Ladder is the best around. Learn about a few of our steel ladders now!

     Next Step Ultra Wide Rolling Ladders

These ladders are extremely unique. They are designed in Germany with a 36 inch tread width. This is unusual but a nice feature. It has a 50 degree slope for safe climbing and descent. It is much safer than a typical steel ladder.It is also easy to use because of front and side snap chains. The platfrom on this ladder is also gigantic and has a massive 800 pound capacity. This amazing product should be ordered unassembled because the assembled version is WICKED expensive to ship - think 8X unassembled shipping cost!Steel Ladder

              Fantasy Rolling Ladders

The reason we call these ladder a fantasy is because it they are just that great. It is like it came straight out of a dream(Well I mean for that one person that dreams about ladders). This steel ladder is SO convenient. Have you ever wanted to walk up the stairs while bringing something heavy up there. Carrying something up the ladder can bring your attention away from safely walking up the stairs and can be dangerous. With this product a powered tray can lift your heavy items up for you! What else could you want? We also suggest you order a detachable lift and lower control for additional flexibility to go along with this product.Steel Ladder


                 Canada Ladders

These ladders are specifically made for our lovely customers up north. These items are shipped from Quebec! By ordering a Canada Steel Ladder it saves all of that hastle you would otherwise get. We have many different kinds of Canada Steel Ladders but our most popular is the Low Rise Pull and Roll Ladder shown below. It is very easy to operate. All you need to do is pull a lever and the ladder moves. It also meets or exceeds ANSI 14.7 and OSHA 1910.29 safety requirements.Canada Ladder


If you would like more information on any of our ladders or other products please click the link below. If you liked this blog post, you may also like our steel cabinets blog post. Remember if you are looking for quick and knowledgable service A Plus Warehouse is your right place!

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Lockers - Learn the jargon

Posted by Ed Stairman on Aug 6, 2012 3:00:00 PM

Lockers should not be hard to order , yet dealers and manufacturers can sometimes make a lockers order unreasonably confusing.  For this reason , A Plus Warehouse is publishing the inside book of locker related jargon.  Once you know these terms , you will understand lockers quite well.

Here is the list of locker terms and concepts:lockers

(1) Locker Column - A Locker column is one vertical set of openings.  A double tier locker is a single column with a top and bittom opening.  A triple tier lockers is the same thing with a middle opening

(2) Openings - For the most part , the number of openings is the number of doors.  There is one exception to this , however.  The two person book locker has two opposing doors and 2 book doors above.  This is considered one column of two openings.  The book locker openings do not count as openings.  For fancy lockers , customers should count columns and not openings.

(3) Modules - Most lockers are produced single column wide and three column wide to save money on the side panels.  A module of lockers is a group of lockers three columns wide.  A 5 tier locker 3 columns wide would be a module of 15 doors.

(4) Legs - Most lockers include legs built in.  Tennsco produces some lockers standard without legs as does Pucel as well.  Many vendors can produce lockers without legs for an additional charge.

(5) Assembly - Assembling lockers is not easy.  It costs about 25% to assemble lockers , and the price is almost universally worth it! Penco runs specials time to time for free assembly on their Vanguard line.  Penco Vanguard lockers are quite high in quality and are certainly a 'top shelf' locker

(6) Buying season - it is best to order lockers between October and April.  In these months , manufacturers recover from the summer rush of schools getting outfitted before students come back

The above is not an exhaustive list of terms in the lockers business - but it is certainly a start.  I suggest you download our lockers buyers guide , and give our sales department a call! We are here to help with your locker requirements.

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Also , checl out our handy video!!

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Save the Pain: get yourself anti fatigue matting

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Aug 6, 2012 11:32:00 AM

If your job includes standing for several hours, this can cause strain on your legs and back. Not only would this be cruel to your workers- but it is also a disadvantage to the boss. If a worker is not happy in their working environment and is in constant pain- odds are they will not work as hard because they will be too busy focusing on their pain. A happy worker is a good worker.Anti Fatigue Mat

Now that you know why you need anti fatigue mats- what type should you get? We pretty much have an anti-fatigue mat for any type of job.

If you work in food service we strongly suggest the food service matting. These mats are also grease resistant or grease proof depending on what kind you get. If you get our red mat, it is grease proof. If you get our black mat, it is grease resistant. It is also designed to withstand harsh chemicals while creating a slip resistant surface. These mats also provide easy cart access as well as large and small holes that allow for quick drainage of liquids.


Wearwell Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mats are ideal for factory use. This type of anti fatigue matting is fabricated with an ultra-sift 68 durometer materials. They are also offered with a solid deck for dry areas. It is also available in open grid style for wet areas.  These types of mats have excellent benefit level and wear resistance.

While you are in the neighborhood of anti fatigue matting check out our blog post on anti- fatigue Notrax Mats.They are great products.

Those are just two kinds of anti fatigue matting offered at A Plus Warehouse but we have many more! So check them all out. If you would like more information click the link below.

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We got CHEAP Lockers

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Aug 3, 2012 11:30:00 PM


We got the best Lockers for a cheap price!

For the best cheap lockers with good quality we suggest our inexpensive locker line. We have inexpensive single,double,and triple tier.

This line in called inexpensive for an obvious reason. They are SO cheap! However don’t fear they are amazing quality just like any other A Plus Warehouse product. The reason why they are cheap lockers is because no locking mechanism is included.inexpensive

The cheap lockers door has 16 GA constructions and includes one double prong ceiling hook and two single hooks. It is also designed to be used with padlocks. If you would like a locker that is relatively cheap but has a nice look we suggest our metal lockers with wood doors. This is a bit more expensive than the inexpensive lockers but looks a bit better too.

Now why A Plus Warehouse? Well first of all we rock the boat. We are the best distributer around. Our website is extremely easy to use and we have a variety of items. Basically and material handling product you need we have! We also distribute nationwide. We are a company big enough to handle your order yet small enough to know that your order matters. We also sell the best products-premier lines. Our sales people are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help.

If you would like to see a funny blog post about lockers check out The do's[and do not's] of Lockers.

If  you would like more information on our lockers please click the link below.

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Da Da Da Dock Levelers

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Aug 2, 2012 11:30:00 AM

What are Da Da Da Dock Levelers? Well first of all they are called Dock Levelers but isnt Da Da Da a catchy rythm?!

Da Da Da Dock Levelers are....

  • a convenient way of getting access to trucks for loading and unloading
  • activated by a truck backing up into it
  • easy to use
  • quick to ship at A Plus Warehouse

We have many kinds of Da Da Da Dock Levelers....Dock Leveler

  1. Edge of Dock Leveler- NEVER slips out of position, includes guard that keep feet from under ramp, easy to operate just spot trailer then put lip up and in, counterbalance spring
  2. Electic Hydraulic Dock Leveler- Sing Push Button, Available with single or 3 phase motor,red emergency stop button, lip automatically extends when leveler is fully raised
  3. Mechanical Dock Leveler-minimum maintenance,smooth operating
  4. Automatic Dock Leveler- Unique item allows truck to deploy dock leveler, no dock attendant needed,range 14 in above dock to 8 in below dock, Lift bypass for safety

Why Da Da Da Dock Levelers from A A A A Plus Warehouse....

  • our sales people are professionals and are very reliable
  • nationwide distribution
  • company is big enough to handle your requirements but small enough to realize that your order matters!

If you like Da Da Da Dock Levelers then why dont you check out our Dock Plates Song!

Ok so now we know order your Da Da Da Dock Levelers from A Plus Warehouse today. Please click the link below to request information.

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Spa Lockers- ooh lala

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Aug 1, 2012 11:31:00 AM

Sometimes you want to take a break from your stressful life. What better way to do this then by going to a spa? Just relax and enjoy the day.wooden lockerhybrid locker

If you have a spa you will need spa lockers. There is no better place to get them than at A Plus Warehouse. We have beautiful wooden lockers that are very nice and popular to be used in spa's. If you like we also have some nice lockers that have just a wood front- this makes them a lot cheaper and it still has the nice spa look.Digitech Locker

If you prefer a more economical locker, we suggest the Digitech Lockers. Digetech Lockers are great for a spa because the user can set their own passcode. That way there is no worry about their things be stollen. This locker is attractive as well. They work out nicely as spa lockers. A Digitech Locker is Parchment colored. Although it is electronic, you dont need to worry about changing the batteries very often as well. 3 AAA batteries powers a locker over 10,000 times.


So now why from A Plus Warehouse? A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now. Well first of all we offer a wide range of products and out website is WICKED easy to use. When you order from A Plus Warehouse you are talking to somebody that will know want you want and will be very friendly in the process. Our sales people are professionals. So order your spa lockers from A PLus Warehouse today! Click the link below to find out more on our lockers.Also, check out our funny Who Needs Lockers [A-Z] and How to Order Them blog post!

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How do you know if you need Industrial Casters?

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jul 31, 2012 4:30:00 PM

If You......

1- want something heavier then a grapefruit! I mean grapefruit are great and all but sometimes a non- industrial caster just wont cut it.

2-can not find the casteres that you need at the grocery store.. again back to that whole grapefuit thing.

3-the caster you are replacing is thicker than 1 inch

You May Need Industrial Casters!

And there is no better place to buy Industrial Casters than here at A Plus Warehouse!

We only have the best casters.

 Super Lock Brake Casters are very popular at A Plus Warehouse. Now, Let Me Tell You Why

- They are quick to ship. So dont worry about waiting your Super Lock Brake Casters will get to you immediatly.Industrial Casters

-The Swivel Casters feature two aligned swivel raceways.

- Lock are included! It locks the wheel and swivel simultaneously with just the touch of a toe. Now thats convenient!

Another popular line of Industrial Casters is our V Grooved Wheel Casters. Like the Super Lock Brake Casters- these type of casters are also very quick to ship. What makes this caster one of our specialties is that it has up to a 15000 pound capacity for a great value!

As you see, A Plus Warehouse has excellent casters. These Industrial Casters are made from trusted names such as Albion, Fairbanks,Triopines,and Payson. So why dont you get one today! Click the link below to start a communication with one of our lovely sales people.

Also check out our Castors are in Stock at A Plus Warehouse blog post. Did you know castor is another way to spell caster?

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Pink Elephant Storage Cabinets - Q and A

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jul 31, 2012 11:39:00 AM

 We have several interesting products here at A Plus Warehouse. One of our most interesting lines is arguably the Pink Elephant Line. Not only are the products in this line different, but the name of the line itself is unusual.

What are Pink Elephant Storage Cabinets?

-Heavy duty industrial cabinets that have an attractive color ( although they are available in other colors as well)Storage Cabinets

What do they look like?

Well, it depends on which product you get. They are pink but you can always get it in another color. But I mean come on pink is pretty cool. Some of them also come with drawers. They come in black and white. It really goes well with the Pink! The Picture to the right shows the Pink Elephant with black and white drawers. The drawers also come in a variety of 3,6 or 9. It depends on the occasion.

How Heavy Duty are they?

Super Heavy! Were talking 1500 pound capacity per shelf! The drawers also hold 250 pounds each. And guess what- they are all welded too!

Are they secure?

Yes,there is no need to worry. Pink Elephants have a three point locking mechanism for additional security.Pink Elephant

What other Distributors sell Pink Elephant Storage Cabinets?

No one! We are the only distributer that sells Pink Elepant Storage Caninets! While you are in the neighborhood we also sell Pink Elepant work benches and we are the only distributor to sell that too!


Buy Pink Elephant Storage Cabinets today! They are great. Please click the link below to find out more about our  Cabinets! Also, if you like the sound of these storage cabinets, you might like our Pucel Cabinets too. Check out our Five Things You Need to Know About Storage Cabinets at Pucel blog post.

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Get the BEST Lockers For Sale at A Plus Warehouse

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jul 30, 2012 12:19:00 PM

We have the best Lockers for sale here at A Plus Warehouse! Learn about a few of them...

1- Coin Operated Lockers

Coin Operated Lockers aka Coin Lockers are widely used in schools,government entities,bowling allies and anywhere else requiring lockers for consumer use. We sell both with the coins being collected and with the coins return feature for a premium. Coin Lockers are ideal for maximum durability and security. With A Plus Warehouse coin lockers, you may also choose the coin arrangement! Another benefit of coin lockers is that they are always shipped set and ready to be used. It also comes in a great variety of colors. Although these coin lockers are standardly used for american currency, most other currencies will work as well.


2-See Through LockersADA locker

See Through Lockers are great for seeing what is inside your employee's locker without violating their privacy. It is also ideal in schools and jails. These Lockers are also in stock for immediate delivery so get one now!

3-ADA Lockers

ADA Lockers are nice thing to have for your employees and also happens to be a mandate. Our ADA Lockers meet all federal guidlines.The Chrome Plated handle rotates 20 degrees to open and then snaps shut automatically. The interior shelf is also 12 inches from the floor.

If you are interested in the products shown here you might also be interested in our sport lockers. Check out our sports locker blog post.

As you can see we have great lockers for sale. Find out more about our lockers by clicking the link below.

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No Muss No Fuss with A Plus Warehouse Changing Room Lockers

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jul 27, 2012 11:30:00 AM

So you need a changing room eh? Well your in luck! A Plus Warehouse sells only the best Changing Room Lockers. Along with having the best Changing Room Lockers we also have the best customer service.Our friendly sales people are always ready to help you. They know what they are talking about and truely do care about you.

We have many different kinds of Changing Room Lockers. From out Inexpensive to our Slopemaster-they are all fantastic. Hey and while your in the neighborhood we also sell locker benches. Great for Changing Rooms!Changing Room Locker

Any locker can really go into a changing room but -here are some popular lockers our customers like in there changing rooms.

Slopemaster-comes fully assembled, enclosure plate and slope tops too, Dont need to worry about choosing correct components,Come in many different dazzling colors!

All Welded-Ships ready to use, always in stock, countinuous piano hinge,hat shelf included,Latching Stystem is maintenance free

Vented- great for sports changing rooms, controls odor,allows air to pass through,always in stock

That is just a brief desciption of a few of our popular Changing Room Lockers.  Our Changing Room Lockers are great and made by  trusted manufacturers. They know what they are doing. 

Our Lockers are great.. and so is everything else that A Plus Warehouse has to offer. Click the link below to learn more about our lockers.

Also check out our When to consider replacing your old employee lockers blog post.

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Carrie's Crazy Friday's- This weeks topic:Pallet Racks

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jul 27, 2012 8:42:00 AM

Happy Olympics day everyone! Go U.S.A!

Do you know where the Olympic athletes put their stuff. Well this might be predictable because the title says it all. In Pallet Racks!

So for those of you sad people that do not know what pallet racks are....

pallet racks are where you store bulky equipment. So whatever equipment you might need for the olympics should be stored in there.Olympics

So reader are you excited for the olympic games? Plus London is a nice place to have the olymipcs but I am not sure if they can measure up to the opening of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. I am still wondering how they could all keep in sync with those drums. It was amazing.

Anyway I am very excited about the olympics. Everybody should watch it- even if just a little bit. It is fun to watch and you can feel that American pride too!  If you don't care about the olympics at least watch one event like track, swimming, or gymnastics. It will be worth your while.

Anyway back to pallet racks- trust us they are great. If you would like information on our pallet racks please click the link below. Also if you havn't read last weeks edition of Carrie's Crazy Friday's then why dont you check out the blog post-Carrie's Crazy Friday's-This weeks topic:mini lockers.

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We want YOU to be safe -Get Safety Cabinets

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jul 26, 2012 11:30:00 AM

Here at A Plus Warehouse, safety is always our #1 priority.

If you happen to be a Chemist, you know how dangerous some chemicals can be. Some are highly safety cabinetflamable. You need a safe place to store them. Safety Cabinets are the safest place to put these flamable liquids. When getting Safety Cabinets we strongly suggest getting the self closing feature. If a fire does start, this feature will close the cabinets so that the fire will smother instead of expand. Just remember that if you do- which we HIGHLY suggest- get the self closing safety cabinet do not have any obstruction that would keep the door from closing!  If you do not get the self closing feature it can be somewhat annoying and more importantly dangerous. You will need to close it yourself and waste vital minutes. You do not want that to happen.

 Safety Cabinets do cost more than regular cabinets- but if you work near chemicals it is worth it. So the question is what is worth more, your life or a couple extra dollars? We suggest Safety Cabinets- not because they are more expensive but we truely do care about you. We do not want any of our customers getting hurt now do we!  Our Safety Cabinets are made from trusted names such as Jamco, Penco,Edsal,and Lyon.

If you would like more information on our cabinets please click the link below. You will be glad you did!

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Why we are proud to sell Tennsco Lockers

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jul 25, 2012 11:30:00 AM

Tennsco is an excellent manufacturer of lockers,cabinets,workbenches and other great products. Tennsco has been a trusted manufacturer for 50 years( just had its 50 birthday this year)! Tensco products are also producted in over 1.4 million square feet of factory and distibution space in 6 facilities. That is a lot of space!15 person locker

Our customers LOVE Tennsco Lockers! An interesting thing about Tennsco Lockers are that they come in many different colors (6 standard and 7 premium) An interesting Tennsco product that our customers love is the 15 person locker. The benefit of having this type of locker is that it saves 12 inches of floor space compared to the standard 16 person locker(which we also sell). The 15 person locker is shown in the picture to the right.

Another popular Tennsco Locker is the Extra Wide Combination. You need to fit a little of everything? This is the right locker for you! Put your shoes, hat, towel or what ever you want in it. It included one full width shelf, and 4 half shelves. It is also available with or without legs.

Now don't worry sporty people of the world, we have a Tennsco Lockers for you guys too. We have vented lockers! It allows airflow that helps prevent odor causing bacteria growth. It is also all welded.

Anyway... A Plus Warehouse is a great distributer and Tennsco Lockers are great lockers, so why dont you buy one from us today! Click the link below for more information.

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The Story of a Mudroom Locker

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jul 24, 2012 11:30:00 AM

Our story starts on a snowy Friday afternoon in December.Jane walks into her house with her snowy jacket,snowy boots, snowy hat, and snowy gloves. She cant just go into the house. She doesn't want to track snow into the house. O Ya... she has her mudroom!

Yay no need to get the house dirty! But this still raises one question--- where will she put her snowy jacket,snowy boots,snowy hat,and snowy gloves. Jane thought about this long and hard.Do you know what this mudroom needs? A Mudroom Locker! With a mudroom Locker Jane can put all of her snowy stuff in there and not need to worry. Leaving your dirty things in a locker is A LOT better than leaving your stuff on the floor.Kid Locker

Any locker can make a mudroom locker. There is no specific size, shape,and color it must be. It is all up to you. Gee if you want you could even have an pink ocker!( I dont know who would want a pink mudroom locker-but hey there must be someone out there. There is a picture of our kid locker on the right and YES it is pink! Even this could be used in a mudroom.)

Anyway back to the story... Jane realized she needed a mudroom locker so she bought one from A Plus Warehouse. After that she never had to worry about where to put her snowy stuff ever again. THE END!

If you would like to learn about Tennsco lockers.. check out our Tennsco Locker Blog Post!

To find out more on our lockers please click the link below!

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Need a Lift? Get a Lift Truck!

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jul 23, 2012 11:30:00 AM

Do you need a lift?  Well,probably not you but your supplies? You NEED a lift truck and there is no bretter place to get them other than here at A Plus Warehouse. Lift trucks are very effiicent! Using one will save you loads of MONEY.Lift trucks are also WICKED safe! Think if you lift by hand of all the strain going on your body. With a machine it is much safer. WE have two very popular lift trucks: straddle stackers and counterbalance lifters. It is important to know the difference between these two before ordering...



-For Short Distances (even floors!)

-25 inch ajustable forks

-Ideal for feeding machinery or lifting to mezzaines and dockers where base legs could interfere

Straddle StackerStraddle Stacker

-High Capacity(2000 lbs.)

- 35 inch adjustable forks

- Self-Contained Hydraulic System


Why A Plus Warehouse?

- National Dealer of Material Handling Equipment

- Quick Ship Times

- Friendly Sales People with years of experience

- Easy to Use Website

-Most Products made in the U.S.A

-NationWide Distribution

-Premier lines of industrial equipment

- Right Source Right Now

So come order a Lift Truck from A Plus Warehouse today. You will be glad you did. If you want more information on our products please click the link below and one of our friendly sales people will get to you right away!

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Carrie's Crazy Friday's- This weeks topic :mini lockers

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jul 20, 2012 4:45:00 PM

Another Friday. Yay!!! I hope everyone had a great week! Im so excited in general looking foward to a nice weekend.

My younger sister has visiting day at her camp tommorow so I will be going up to see her. Her camp also happens to be a college campus for fall, winter and spring and a camp during summer. Then I thought... hey since it is a college it probably has Mini Lockers right? Ok.... maybe not they are college kids after all. They would probably be offended to have mini lockers on campus.4 o clock

Well anyway back to the visit. I am very excited to see her. It will be much fun even though I need to wake up at 4:00 in the morning! I hate waking up SOOO early. Even when it is 8:00 I think it is to early so can you imagine 4:00. I just need to remind myself to get up and give my self a motivational speach. You can do this, you can get out of bed. I know you can!

I can only hope that by the time I get to her camp I wont be so tired that I will be bad company. I guess my plan is to just go to bed early tonight.

Well what does any of that have to do with Mini Lockers? I couldnt tell ya! It is Carrie's Crazy Friday's so just give me a brake. If you want serious information about lockers click below. I promise there will be no random stories of my life.

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Topics: Mini Lockers

Sports Locker for a Sporty Person

Posted by Carrie Stairman on Jul 20, 2012 4:30:00 PM

   Are you a sporty type of gal or guy?  Do you love playing soccer, basketball, football, baseball, or any other type of sport? If you play a sport- you NEED a Sports Locker.Here at A Plus Warehouse, we might not be the sportiest people BUT we will sell you a wicked sporty Sports Locker- so i guess that makes us pretty sporty!

So now the question is why is a Sports Locker different then all the other lockers Well, the answer is pretty simple- Sports Lockers are ventilated!  Thats good- if it wasnt ventilated could you imagine how much your cloths would stink- I dont want to even think about it. Ventilated lockers are the obvious choice for sports teams. Plus, our vented lockers are vented not only on the locker doors, but also on the locker side panels.Sports Lockers

A Plus Warehouse is proud to sell Vented Box Lockers and All Welded Football Lockers.  We are one of the few distributers that stocks Vented Box Lockers. Vented Box Lockers are great for sneakers and other items that require a flow of air. The item to the right is a Vented Box Locker. This Sports Locker is my favorite! Our All Welded Football Lockers are also great.They are in stock nationwide at A Plus Warehouse. They are also Ultra Rugged 16 gauge body and 18 gauge back, not to mention its 350 pound capacity!

Overall, all of our Sports Lockers and just our general Lockers are excellent! Our sports lockers are all ventilated and are begging you to order them. To find out more on our Sports Lockers and other types of Lockers please click the link below.





Topics: sports locker

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