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Praise From A Customer on Our School Lockers


School LockersSchool Lockers are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse and we take pride in outstanding customer service.

Merchant Pay Network had a requirement for a good amount of lockers and needed delivery immediately! Steve Jacobs from Merchant Payment Network was nice enough to send us this letter. 



Carol & Ed, you guys have been a true blessing to me in having gone above & beyond in meeting and exceeding my expectations on your products and services.  You have also made me a rock star in my CEO & COO’s eyes with the pricing and customer service you’ve demonstrated thus far and I can’t thank you both enough.  Your dedication and passion to your customers is remarkable to say the least in this day and age and it is so greatly appreciated.  I look forward to working with you both again soon on our next order!



When you want praise worthy service like Mr. Jacobs experienced , please give us a call at 800-209-8798 - We are your right choice , right now..

Free Freight For Storage Bins


A Plus Warehouse is now offering free freight for many Quantum Storage Bins. Quantum Storagestorage bins has a broad line , and In cooperation with A Plus Waregouse , the free freight program will bring even more storage bins

A Plus Warehouse is your source for Quantum storage bins and plastic bins in general.

For assistance , please call us at 800-209-8798





Portable Plastic Stairs | Oh I wish I were in Dixie


The biggest name in plastic stairs is DIXIE Poly , and A Plus Warehouse is now selling the DixiePlastic Stairs Poly line of plastic stairs and drum equipment.  Dixie makes plastic stair from one to 4 step with the 4 step version having handrails.  They offer some crazy sizes as well.  The one step plastic stair comes as wide as 66 inches!


"Oh I wish I had a Dixie - hurray hurray with Dixie Stairs I make a pledge to live and climb on Dixie"

A Plus Warehouse sells warehouse ladders nationwide in metal as well as stainless and the addition of Dixie Plastic stairs rounds out the offering well.


A Plus Warehouse is your ladders source , so give us a call at 800-209-8798 with your questions - we are pleased to help!




We stock School Lockers


School Lockers buying season starts in June.  School locker buying season is when schools place their summertime orders for delivery before the fall semester.  A Plus Warehouse does a great job stocking lockers throughout the year, but come June - things get interesting.  We suggestSchool Lockers customers place their order in advance of buying season to minimize the chance of a delayed shipment , and the stress that causes everyone.

A Plus Warehouse sells school lockers by Hallowell List , Penco, Pucel , Lyons, Edsal , ASI and others as well! Our salespeople are ready to help with any request.  We have produced a very nice buyers guide which you can download for free! Consider clicking the button below and enjoying the free guide.

No job is too small at A Plus Warehouse.  Our goal is to have one more satisfied customer.

Call us at 800-209-8798 if you need help.








Check out or newly designed fixed lid container page


A Plus Warehouse has re-worked the flip top or fixed lid container page.fixed lid containers  These bins are used for shipping for retail.  The fixed lid containers include padlock eyes.  The padlock eyes are for added security.  One other interesting fact is that these quality Quantum Storage fixed lid containers are now on the free shipping program.  

Order 10 bins or 10,000 bins , and we will charge ZERO for dock to dock delivery! This is a limited offer , and customers are advised to act quickly before free freight goes away.

Please click on the button below for our plastic bins buyers guide.


Don't forget wire partitions and wire partition systems


Everyone knows A Plus Warehouse sells cabinets , locker, racks and shelving. Customers do notWire Partitions all realize that we sell wire partitions and wire partition systems as well! Wire partitions are used to add security and safety as well!  From Aasimov's IROBOT , we know that the prime directive for robots is to harm no people.  The problem is that robots don't know anything other than the task to be done.  Best to have robots caged off so people can't get between a robot and his work!

Like many other things in this society , the Government has rules we are directed to follow for our own safety.  I'm sure if the marketing wonks here at A Plus Warehouse looked hard enough , they'd find an edict insytrucing you that you must order wire partition systems or face a fine.  We prefer to appeal to logic and reason rather than Governmental decrees.  A wire partition system is a very inexpensive way to secure expensive inventory , and the keep personnel away from where they should ne be.

The attractive wire partition shown is a Jesco item.  The great thing about this image is that it is ONE model number.  With Jesco and A Plus Warehouse , no time is wasted in engineering systems.  These were all designed over 20 years ago, and we work from existing bills of materials.  The wheel has already been created - we don't need to re-invent it every time!

Give us a call at 800-209-8798 and we'll quote you the wire partition system you always wanted.

Learn About Uniform Exchange Lockers


A Plus Warehouse now stocks Uniform Exchange Lockers.  Uniform rental companies often offer uniform exchange lockers for free when a new contract is signed.  With the understanding thatdescribe the image there is no free lunch , customers should realize the cost involved in free uniform exchange lockers is either built into the price or contract term or both.  Customer could easily pay over $2,000 for a 'free' uniform exchange locker.

A Plus Warehouse suggests customers get quotes from their uniform companies for dry cleaning ONLY and order their uniform exchange lockers from A Plus Warehouse.  Alternatively , get the quote including free uniform lockers and see what the free lockers cost!

When ordering uniform exchange lockers , remember to order soiled uniform exchange lockers as well.  The unit shown on the right is an eight opening uniform exchange locker.  Not that the master door is key locked and individual doors can be padlockled.

A Plus Warehouse is your Uniform Exchange Lockers Source!

Call us at 800-209-8798 for help or to request a quotation




We are A Plus Warehouse Casters


We are A Plus Warehouse Casters

We are made by trusted named such as Albion, Colson,Hamilton, Fairbanks, Payson, and Triopines.

We are a favorite among A Plus Warehouse customers.

We are high quality.

Some of us have super high capacities!Heavy Duty Caster

I, the Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster have a capacity up to 6 tons.

I am the BEST heavy duty caster.

My differential action allows for easier swivel motion.

We, the A Plus Warehouse Casters, also come with lower capacities.

I am a Light Duty Caster
I am affortable
I am still good quality - rugged caster for everyday use



We are Casters!

We are Casters!

We all may come in different shapes and sizes,

But we are one family!

The A Plus Warehouse Caster family!




The top ten roller conveyors


1-Mini Roller Conveyor

This fun Conveyor is always in stock at A Plus Warehouse! They have a roller diameter of .75 inches which is the smallest standard roller manufacrued in the country!

2- Extra Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor

This number has a capacity of 700 pounds per roller. This is equal to 8,000 pounds supported by the 5 foot center! With this product we suggest the 300 pound capacity conveyor supports.

3- Super Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor

If you thought number 2 was heavy you havnt seen anything yet. This has a whopping capacity of 1,100 pounds per roller! That is equal to 18,000 pounds for a 10 foot section which is suppored by three supports.

4- Medium Duty Accordion Style Expanable Roller ConveyorsExpandable Conveyors

This one looks nice thats for sure. This conveyor is shown on the picture to the right. The capacity is 200 pounds per foot. It also includes a box stop so boxes don't fall off!

5- Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor

Ideal for food equipment and other wash-down operations!  And to be safe this is U.S.D.A approved!


6- Light Duty Roller Conveyors

This is your ideal conveyor for irregularly shaped or open bottom items. Rollers have 1 3/8 inch diameter. It is also long lasting!


7-Maximum Capacity  Roller Conveyor

This is EXTREMELY heavy duty with a capacity of 2,500 pounds PER ROLLER!! Frame capacity is 16,00o pounds at a 5 foot center support.

8-1.9 inch Diameter PVC Roller Conveyors

this is great for handling glass with non marring rollers. It has a 100 pound roller capacity which is 2,000 pounds over 5 foot support. It is available from 3 inch to 12 inch roller center.

9-Extra Heavy Duty Expanable Conveyor

This is another nice looking conveyor! The capacity is 300 pounds per foot of conveyor.


10-Medium Duty Roller Conveyor

A 3,200pound cap on a 5 foot center! Nothing wrong with that. Conveyor stands are also optional on this.

When I say cabi you say net cabi net cabinet!


When I say cabi you say net - cabi net cabinet

Whose the Best ? - A Plus WarehouseCOLORS

Whose the Best ? -A Plus Warehouse

What do we love ? - cabinets

Say What? - cabinets

Got our amazing Big Blue- B to the I to the G to Blue go Big Blue!

What is Big Blue?- Its Hight capacity, high quality, and high attractiveness!

Blue Storage Cabinets?!- Heck Yes!

Blue Storage Cabinets?!- Heck Yes!

More than that? Yes! Yes!

We got White!- WHITE W-H-I-T-E White!

We got Dark Blue!- DARK BLUE D-A-R-K Dark Blue!

We got Light Blue!- LIGHT BLUE L-I-G-H-T Light Blue!

We got Orange!- ORANGE O-R-A-N-G-E Orange!

We got Beige!- BEIGE B-E-I-G-E Beige!

We got Putty!- PUTTY P-U-T-T-Y Putty!

We got Yellow!-YELLOW Y-E-L-L-O-W Yellow!

We got Dark Green!- DARK GREEN D-A-R-K Dark Green!

We got Vista Green!- VISTA GREEN V-I-S-T-A Vista Green!

We got Black!-BLACK B-L-A-C-K Black!

We got Dark Brown!- DARK BROWN D-A-R-K Dark Brown!

We got Red!- RED R-E-D Red!

We got Grey!- GREY- G-R-E-Y Grey!

As you see

from this cheer

we got the rainbow!

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